Game Programming And Engineering Essay

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Game programming and engineering are similar careers that involve both programming skills and patience. There are many fields in game programming and engineering, however, the fields of Artificial intelligence programing (AIP), Robotic engineering (RE), Lead Game play programming (LGP), and Software engineering (SE) are the most similar in the comparison of programmers and engineers. AIP and RE are both almost the same because in both careers you are programming a computer and/or robots to perform an action of a system of experience and react. While LGP and SE both create the programs for new games and/or operating systems but they both go through the same process of collaborating with their team and designing the programs systematically. They all share similar tools to code and program, but also require the same skills like, advance computer skills, the ability to think in multiple intelligences, and the ability to think of new innovative technology in order to be successful in their careers.
In the field of Robotics, you must be able to explain specifically what you want your robot to do. Computers and robots are typically dumb before programs are installed or coded onto them. For example when you write the code for a robot to pick up shoes and move them to your bedroom you have to say if shoes are places in this area, then the Robot will pick up shoes and move them to bedroom else Robot will remain sleep. To be a truly successful though as a Robotic engineering, there’s a quote on Princeton review that explains the main skill RE must have which is that “The engineers who can best anticipate needs which can be successfully filled by robots, and who can work effectively in engineering teams to develop them, will be extremely successful in the field.” this is basically saying the RE that can see what’s needed in a robot to be useful to humans is the more successful RE and that’s goes for all Engineers.
Software engineers are integral to the future development of new innovative technology for instance; they create cell phone apps, new video games, and computer programs. Also are the ones that design operating systems that control how computers, smart phones, and video game consoles function by “developing information systems by designing, developing, and installing software solutions.” Software engineers generally have great math skills like most engineers, also must have people skills to know how they can help a person. For example, “they may work with database administrator of a company to provide the foundation for an application to track inventory, billing, payroll, and other company revenue an expense.” They work in multiple programming languages as listed C++, Java, HTML, and JavaScript, and some are even common in...

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