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Video Games And Their Impact On Your Brain

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In today’s society, most video games are frowned upon. They are labeled as violent and are said to promote laziness among the large amount of people that play them. Video games affect people in many ways, but not all in bad ways. Most games contain several common properties: unpredictability, intense speed, high perceptual, cognitive and motor load, the selection between multiple action plans and an emphasis on peripheral processing. All of these properties lead to better memory, and motor skills., and problem solving. The focus of this paper is to collect research information to prove that video games have a positive affect on your brain.

Memory is one of the most important skills a person can have. And unfortunately, it is common for it to fade. Video games have a way of helping people maintain and even improve your overall memory. A study by Kara Blacker and Kim Curby looked at the memory of college gamers. They used 120 students, both male and female, as their participants. Some students were avid video game users and others never play. They tested their memory skills and found a direct, positive relationship between the amounts of video games a student played and their memory skills. Students that played more games had better spacial memory, short-term memory, and visual perception. Some of the more complex action games are even better for your memory. These games ask you to remember where enemies and resources are located and to remember the complex sequence of events required to attain multiple simultaneous goals. Sports games like FIFA 14 and NBA 14 call for long button sequences that make your character do specific moves. While playing, you have to recall these sequences and press these buttons rapidly and accordingly.

Along with memory, video games also improve hand-eye coordination and motor skills. As stated previously, some game require you to press specific buttons at an exact time and to do that, it takes good hand-eye coordination. Over time, this develops and you become better than the average person. With new technology, come new game systems. Some systems now make you use your actual body as the controller. Wii, Xbox Kinect, and Playstation Play are examples of these games. Say you were playing a baseball game. On a normal game system, you might press a couple of button to swing the bat, but on the Wii, you would stand up, take your controller and actually swing it. This is just one example of how video games are now taking more of a physical approach. Many people say video games...

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