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Video Games Cause Violence Essay

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Video Games Cause Violence

Video games have become a major occupation of majority of the youth these days. They spend hours on end concentrating on video games, some of which are apparently very violent, yet this is actually the whole idea. Coming from the horse's mouth is an argument in support of video games coined from a video programmer's point of view, stating that violent video games allow people to do what they can not do in reality- virtual reality. ( ) For instance, someone said to be having a bad day could use a violent video game to release stress by shooting down a couple hundred bad men than actually taking an AK-47 and spilling down a few brains down the street. This maybe true, but does the violent approach really have to be used, even if just for sheer amusement?

Violent video games truly have an effect, especially on the younger members of our society. Most of the times, violent video games are meant for users over age 18, yet the marketers of the same products intentionally market these violent video games in children magazines, which obviously draws their attention to products that are not suitable for their age. The focus on these games is not only to kill, but also to torture and maim in the process. (

The story line behind some violent video games includes games in which players earn points by carjacking taxis, scoring drugs from cursing thugs, and mowing down pedestrians.(see>) Some cartoonish tag lines in some sadistic video games include : -- "As...

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