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Video Games Inspire Violent Behavior Essay

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Teen violence is a term used to define collective behaviors by teenagers that are not acceptable by the society. These behaviors range from slapping, bullying, hitting, assault and even armed robbery. Teen violence has been affecting many societies and has destructive history to communities. Although many factors have been pointed out to cause teen violence, studies show that modeling behaviors are the most common causes of teen violence in the society. These include behaviors as seen in the movies, on the streets, on the video games and at home. Social engineering factors and psychology behind teen violence are some of the main challenges contributing to teen violence. Video games, in particular, have caused the prevalence of violence in the society. These violent actions include the sandy hook shootings and Virginia tech shootings where many people lost their lives due to rise of violent video games. Analyzing the relationship between teen violence and playing video games is an important issue in society, especially in a time when harmful acts continue to rise in communities all over the world.
Research from the Center for Disease Control illustrates that teen violence is caused by emotional distress, learning disorders and attention violence. Although there are some other behaviors and causes responsible for teen violence in the society, diseases usually prevent the normal functioning of the brain. This means that there is a link between mental illness and violence in the society. People with psychiatric problems tend to face discrimination and isolation from the members of the society. In response, they end up having violent acts. Teens suffering from problems such as learning disorders tend to be discriminated by their colleagues. This often creates many problems hence affecting how they function in the society. These teens tend to develop antisocial personality disorder (Doyle-Portillo & Ellen, 2011).
When people suffering from antisocial personality disorder come into contact with tools such as knives and guns, they end up practicing acts that are harmful. Recently, the prevalence of antisocial personality disorder was found to be the main cause of sandy hook shootings. These shootings led to death of many innocent people. Moreover, the lack of policies to control guns has contributed to availability of guns to individuals who do not have any form of control in the usage of guns. When these guns end up to bad people or to those suffering from mental illnesses, this led to mass shootings (Henigan, 2009).
Recently, American psychologists in concert with specialized physicians have completed a number of researches by examining the influence of video games in teenagers and teenage outlook. The outcome of video game on human conduct results to smocking, sex, and teen violence among others. General practitioners and psychologist have contributed radically in supporting American government and healthcare...

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