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Backgammon Challenges
Pattern recognition is a part of Backgammon because the player must be able to recognize when they or their opponent is in a weak strategic position EG: having a single piece alone where a competitor can land on it and move it to the bar crippling the player for the next few moves. For a new player this is not a simple task and I would class it as a recurring challenge.

Conflict is a part of Backgammon because it is a competition between two players.

Achieving something before someone else is the main challenge in Backgammon as you try to get your pieces in to your side container before your opponent .

Although the goal of Backgammon is fairly simple (get all your pieces back to base first) there is a surprising amount of strategic thinking involved. The player must prioritize between speed and safety, eg a piece that is set out alone ahead of the others may be forced on to the bar by the other player, crippling tham for several moves, on the other hand if a player is more conservative about moving single pieces alone, they may end the game with pieces in their opponent's home quadrant , not only losing the game but doubling the amount the opponent wins. The player can ask their opponent to double the value of the game which is only a valid strategy if the player is more aware of the situation then their opponent. This task is definitely a complex one, and recurring, as the player must consider his strategy before every move

Backgammon Actions
In Backgammon the player has a very limited number of allowed actions permitted by the rules. When it is their turn a player can choose to move one of his pieces two times, one for each value of the dice, or he can move two separate pieces, and if they role double the player gets to move four times.

The player also has the opportunity to land on a space with one of the opponents pieces, sending it to the bar and trapping the opponent their until he gets a dice role that can move his piece off .

And finally the player can leave two or more pieces in one row to prevent his opponent from landing there.
Backgammon Aspects
Backgammon Fairness

Backgammon is a mostly symmetrical game the only differences are that one player (chosen at random) must start first, and the players have different home bases, but the amount of places the player must move to get all of their pieces home is the same. This gives Backgammon the feeling of fairness .

Backgammon Risk and Reward
Backgammon has a set of risks and rewards built in. The player can risk a piece by advancing it alone, and perhaps be rewarded by clearing all pieces from the enemy's quadrant. The player can also ask to double the game doubling their risk and risking their opponent will forfeit leaving them with only one point, and they may be rewarded by winning double points at the end of the game.
Backgammon Learning
The rules of backgammon are fairly simple and must be learned in order for the player to play their first...

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