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Games Are A Good Influence: Sparx By Frank Otenaseck

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Recent games put on the shelves have always been considered to be a bad influence on the youth of this generation. This statement in fact is not true according to a famous game creator named Frank Otenaseck. He has developed a game called “Sparx” that has many benefits to helping to the youth deal with any emotional problems. The game Sparx uses quest as every negative emotion and one progresses, one starts to uncontiously erase their depression and negative emotions. This shows how video games are very important to peoples lives as it helps some to become more social. Also, the game allows people to top into their own mind while learning new things about themselves and learn how to counter ...view middle of the document...

This anwers many parents questions “wont my child get fat” with a positive response and solution to the question. Lastly, if one wants their child to learn more languages, anime games are an option. Since these game were originally Japanese, their easily adaptable to other languages and always include subtitles to help ones child to advance in other languages. This shows how games have many upside down contradictory to what parents may think and in addition to these games help children live healthier than normal with daily physical activity.

Games can help children lead a happier and healthier life than the average Joe. It’s a proven fact that gamers with hyper attention deficit problems have ADHD lessen when playing their favourite video games (Majourie Hansen Shaevitz 10/18/2012). His shows how video games can really help childrens life and emotions such as joy, belief, love, surprise, pride, curiosity excitement, awe and wonder. Also, a famous game designer named Jane Mcgonigal, focuses on positive games and stated “todays real world is often missing something”. Research shows that a popular video...

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