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Games For Understanding Model In Physical Education

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Game for understanding model is a very important aspect of learning for children in physical education classes. The goal for teaching games for understanding was putting the ‘why’ of the game before the ‘how’. It is very important to know the rules of the game and also strategies to improve their game performance. Teaching games for understanding models (TGFU) was first introduced by Bunker and Thorpe in the year 1982. The TGFU model was designed to have the children leaning heavily on teaching of techniques and sustain interest in the sport. Rather than learning the entire sport. You break the sport down into smaller activities where the kids can learn one aspect at a time, until they understand every aspect of the sport and they fully comprehend the sport itself. Their model is broken down into six different aspects. The aspects are game form, game appreciation, tactical awareness, decision making, skill execution, and performance.
Game form is the first aspect that you would want to go over with the kids. This is just the basics of the sport that you are teaching. The game my partner and I decided on was basketball. So I will be referencing all of these aspects towards the sport of basketball. This is where you would make about 4 or 5 different stations and break your kids into small groups of 4 or 5. At each station will be a different drill that teaches them about the game. One station you can have them practice dribbling. And then the next one you can have them practicing passing. You will also have a station for shooting and defense. This is the easiest way to break the game of basketball into small games or lead up games to help kids learn and understand. You don’t want to just give them a basketball and have them start playing basketball. For starters, most of the kids probably wouldn’t be very good. Also, it would be very hard for young kids to comprehend the game all at once. That is why you break the sport down into lead up games and have the actual sport follow those. The game of 21 is probably the best actual game that can be used as a lead up game.
Game appreciation is the next aspect that our model talks about. This is where you teach them some of the rules of the sport. You don’t full out teach them every rule there is in the sport, but you teach them rules within the lead up game so it’s not so overwhelming. At each of the four stations that you have in class you want to teach them perspective rules for each station. Like at the dribbling station, you would want to teach the kids about double dribbling and traveling violation. At the defensive station, you can teach the kids about fouling and the legal and illegal defensive moves that are in the game of basketball. After teaching them all of this in the stations, you can then have them play a game of 21 at the end...

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