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Games In Education Essay

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Educational institutions are experimenting with gaming by integrating gaming elements, mechanics and frameworks into non-game situations and scenarios. Educators recognize that games can inspire productivity and creativity among learners, promote engagement in critical thinking, problem solving skills as well as collaborative and team work, (Johnson, Becker, Estrada, & Freeman, 2014). Similar to designing a curriculum, gaming should follow specific design principles to ensure that goals are clear. The games should be at a pace where students can comfortably learn and doesn’t become frustrated and provide feedback throughout the process so students can get a feel of their progress and personal growth, (Reeves & Read, 2009). The first step is to get all the stakeholders on board. (Whitton, 2012), many challenges can be experienced irrespective of the many pedagogic and motivational benefits of using computer games in learning and teaching. A research team will be formulated and the findings presented to representatives from the Ministry, School Board and teachers, students and parents to demonstrate the impact that gaming can have on the overall operations of the school and ultimately to fulfill the mission of producing students to function in the 21st century. Workshops will be developed to motivate teachers also provide them with the necessary skills to evaluate and create games and activities while delivering the curriculum. These sessions will be used to quell the phobia that gaming in the classroom will require high level technology.
The school presently has a laptop programme and is gradually implementing a tablet programme. It is seen on a daily basis where the games students play at home are being played at school due to the level of engagement. A “mission and quest” to learn method will be implemented in the curriculum. The teachers will work closely with game designers, curriculum developers and content experts, which will take a gaming effect. Social engagement will be used while providing a framework for students where they will be challenged. This curriculum will follow the traditional content but include other literature such as systems and design thinking. Lessons will be carried out in a more practical way where instead of learning about a specific topic the students will be emerged in the lesson through the context of gaming where they are “learning to be, rather than learning about”, (Richardson, 2012).
The students will not only be taught with gaming strategies but also learn to create games using sites such as Scratch. (Richardson, 2012), before the students are at the stage to build games they should be able to play existing games to certain levels to learn the process of building their own games. The games built will be used to teach other students the concept that they learnt. Similar to objectives being created based on unit topic the teachers will create themes and then structure specific quests for these themes. These...

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