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Who would have ever thought that video games would appeal to girls? Apparently Nintendo believes so in its new advertising scheme. Compared to past attempts, the company has made big changes to appeal to a larger audience. A game such as Just Dance is a priceless marketing tool as Nintendo has realized in its latest commercial. Then again, who doesn’t love Mario and all of the old school games? People do, but only a small audience as Nintendo knew during the late eighties. Unlike past attempts—commercials only directed to a specific male audience—Nintendo has made an effort to survive on something besides Mario with a focus on a more modern and wholesome audience.
As time changes and so do the methods of directing, it is only expectable that a commercial will change from the still frame shot of the eighties to the currently acceptable moving camera frames. This is true with both of the Nintendo commercials. The older Nintendo commercial is a lackluster stare-at-the-screen fun time, only accented with the occasional shot of gamers in gaming-mode. While it accurately represents gaming as it was during the time period, the design and execution of the commercial fails to appeal to an audience. Comparing the second commercial, the fun can be seen everywhere. The camera starts at the door of a party and meanders its way through the house, then to the backyard where fireworks explode in the nighttime sky. It is an entertaining commercial to watch, using the images to keep the audience interested. Those images are only enhanced by the song The Other Side by Jason Derulo, a popular modern day song. The older commercial lacked music in its design, only relying on the announcer’s voice to sell its product. While his voice serves a purpose, it is the only sound heard and it becomes boring to listen to. Camera shots and sound are two design aspects that can make or break a commercial, but why do they even matter if there is no solid theme to follow?
Looking at the modern day advertisement, it contains a developed theme that appeals to an audience while the older commercial fails show a prominent theme. The older commercial relies on gaming itself as a theme. It showcases only games and the usual gamer type, never pulling at other marketing audiences. Solely it relies upon the popularity the games are gaining to sell their product. Contrasted to the newer commercial, it develops a theme centered on fun and the life of the party. It is about a party and the fun that is created with the game Just Dance used in their console. They are outright stating that there will be awesome parties with fireworks if their product is purchased. Whether or not it is true, it makes their product desirable and that is the purpose of an advertisement. A theme, executed with a well-planned design, can make the advertisement work and in the best case scenario, it will churn the emotions inside of us.
If the commercial can trigger emotions, it is much more likely that an...

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