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Gaming Habits Among Genders Essay

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As the gaming industry continues to progress, and become a bigger part of society, more people begin to become interested in games. However, game developers must decide how the games are constructed and who their target consumer is. Most games in circulation today are based on the interests of the male demographic. This raises the question, “What causes different preferences in games among gender?” There will always be distinctive characteristics that stand out between males and females, but pertaining to the gaming, there are major attributes that affect preference such as, exposure, goals, and values.
The gaming industry brought in $18.8 billion dollars, an increase of 40 percent compared to the prior year. In 2007 267.8 million games were sold, averaging out to about 540 games being bought per minute. The exposure of games is widely spread, 68 percent of households in the U.S. play games. The difference of however is, the amount of girls and boys playing. A study conducted of 236 students showed 75.8 percent were gamers. This group of students 91.3 percent of the boys played either computer or videos. However, only 54.1 percent of the girls played videos games. Another factor in exposure is game placement, which means where the games are placed in the home. The most common place that has been found is in the ‘ bedroom, which limits girls’ access. The level of exposure differs greatly in the two genders which also limits the opportunities where girls can play other girls in games, while increasing the interactions between males.
The games produced by companies contain many different types of game play, but the most common types of games are action and adventure. The games are being played by majority of both genders, but still have different outlooks on games. The values of boys versus girls play a key part in game selection. Most values are discovered early in age, whether being taught or merely observing the environment and actions of other people around. Most males are aggressive as young boys and begin playing sports which may cause them to play sports related games. Also, the television shows boys watch can affect their interest in games, such as, watching shows about superheroes. Young children are so impressionable in early their early childhood that, they would mimic things they see on television. Girls are born very nurturing and as they get older tend to be more conscious to childbearing and caring means. This can be seen at a young age, as girls begin playing games such as house, and babysitting their dolls. It may not necessarily be their lack of competitive drive that pushes them away from one on one games, but their compassion and caring that allows girls to be more socially active in games such as jump rope and hopscotch.
Goals differ among individuals as...

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