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Gaming Revolution Essay

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Women Air Force Service PilotsRoman R. M. PerezHIST 130Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University​ A United States Air Force press release, issued in early 1977, simply stated that the first women in American aviation history were soon to graduate from flight training, and would be the first group of women to pilot U.S. military aircraft (citation). However, somewhere in the written archives of World War II, there were sealed, classified records, which hid tales of heroic, skilled, and determined pilots who served their country selflessly. The memories of the actions existed only to the minds of the pilots who put their lives on the line for more than the two years of their existence. The hidden, mostly forgotten pilots, all of whom of which were women, decided it was time to let their voices be heard, and their stories be told. The Women Air Force Service Pilots, or more simply known as the WASP, were determined to not allow that their stories be untold, for the women whom were about to graduate flight school, were not the first to fly military aircraft, the WASP had already accomplished the feat more than three decades before and most likely, before many of the "first" women who are graduating flight school were even born.During the early stages of the war, the United States manufacturers were mass-producing aircraft numbering in the thousands to help the war effort in Europe. The brutal strain that was experienced by the armed forces during this time period of the war caused a severe shortage of trained, qualified pilots both on the home front and overseas in combat duty. The amount of combat trained and experienced pilots that were forced to stay home ferrying aircraft to and from factories was a discrepancy that General Henry "Hap" Arnold recognized and saw a need to correct. Though the concept of women being utilized to fly military aircraft had been proposed to him several times earlier, he felt the need was not urgent enough at that point in time. His plan was to siphon pilots from the Civil Air Patrol until the option was exhausted. However, as time carried on and current plans were proving to be inadequate, it became apparent that the WASP concept was not only feasible, but women pilots were already in use around the world. Mrs. Jaqueline Cochran, an American aviatrix, was contacted to study the use of women pilots in the British Royal Air Force's Air Transport Command while providing twenty-five American women to serve as a experimental force to fly with the Royal Air Force ATC."You may be in a man's world and flying a man's airplane, but when you get out of that airplane, I want you to remember, you are a lady. I want you to look like a lady, and I want you to act like a lady, and don't you ever forget it" was the simple statement that Jaqueline Cochran issued to her women (Parrish, 27). As one of the founders of the concept of women flying American military aircraft, Miss Cochran set that standard for...

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