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Gaming Store In Brisbane, Australia Essay

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  Gaming store in Brisbane
Brisbane is a great Australian city and it is an ultimate destination for opening a new business.Gaming store business in Brisbane is achieving success on account of its high entertainment value. Most people are coming in the gaming stores to play their favorite video game to buy the favorite and latest game. People of Brisbane are found to be passionate towards video games. The recent research for audience of video games shows Brisbane has large audience who love to play video games. A gaming store in Brisbane can enable to spend each day with fun and joy. Opening a gaming store is moderately challenging and it can be accomplished by planning a proper business ...view middle of the document...

Brisbane is a wonderful city and it has witnessed an increase in video game lovers during the last some years. The market trend is in favor of video game business in Brisbane.
Marketing Activities

Marketing has been one of the most important activities for making a product successful. There are different kinds of marketing techniques but marketing strategy for launching new services must be based on place and target audience (McBurney-Fry, 2004). For opening a new gaming store in Brisbane, the most important aspect is to determine target audience. For the survival and growth of any gaming store, marketing is essential.
Target audience
One of the most important skills in business is the ability to attract customers in Brisbane market. The target audience for the gaming store is children and family members(age group 12 to35). In any gaming business, the main aim is to market the products efficiently. (Halligan and Shah, 2010) Brisbane is a great city and customers who come back with repeated purchases keep entrepreneurs in profitable business. The products or services will be sold, as per the gaming store’s brand image in the market. Gaming business requires the principle of persuasion, presentation, and effective communication. Brisbane market is always faced by stiff competition among video game lovers. Every gaming store is presenting its products or services in a unique manner. They are serving the audience, comprising of children and family members so are going to have the best staff who have the complete knowledge about the business. how to sell? what's new in the games world etc. Some of the factors such as age and sex, geographical location, personality traits, and shopping habits has been considered for analyzing the target audience. by that analysis we could figure there is more than 33% population of Brisbane are involved in gaming stuff. In the business of a gaming store and have a strong footing; skills play an important role to acquire the target audience. Every business in Brisbane is expected to have a user-friendly website.
The game prices should be affordable and within the reach of the customers. Brisbane Market requires promising brand image and it should be able to convince audience about the benefits and affordable cost. that's gives us the chance of special offers and we are going to provide a special bonus points for the regular buyers. Brand marketing strategy should involve everything, starting from name and qualities of the brand i.e. gaming store in Brisbane. Proper market analysis helps in defining the personality of a brand. Marketing is one of the most effective ways leading to success of a company. Without any proper marketing technique, a strong reputation in the Brisbane market can’t be built. we are planning to give discount to international students who can produce there id cards on purchase. Effective business plan can help to achieve the target results and also the audience in the gaming store.

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