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Gamma Hydroxybutyrate Or Ghb Essay

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GHB stands for gamma hydroxybutyrate, sodium oxybate. GHB is an odourless, colourless, saltwater-like liquid. It is normally sold in small, 30-millilitre clear plastic bottles.GHB's most noticeable effect is euphoria; a small will make you feel relaxed and uninhibited, kind of tipsy. But more than that can cause sedation, and will slow you down until you fall asleep. No hallucinations or visual effects occur and GHB makes you extroverted rather than introspective. With larger doses, noticeable effects include slurring of speech, drowsiness, nausea, incoherence and difficulty focusing. The effects of GHB may become apparent after about 5-15 minutes, and come on strongly after 20-30 minutes. They can last for 2-4 hours. Some users have reported that GHB is habit-forming if used regularly.Reports have been received of GHB being used as an aphrodisiac since, in moderate doses, it can cause sexual arousal.This is one of the reasons why it has a reputation as a "date-rape" drug, the other being the obvious danger of being unconscious for a few hours. GHB is very dangerous when mixed with alcohol. Both have a sedative effect on your body, therefore mixing the two can lead to deep unconsciousness, put you into a coma or even kill you.It is described in any different ways but Mike, 26 says it was like walking on marshmallows. It took about half an hour to take effect.G is a liquid -- they put food colour in it. There are no hallucinations. With any kind of drug that gives you a sense of euphoria --...

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4178 words - 17 pages submission or drugged. Gamma-Hyroxy Buterate is also known as GHB or "Easy Lay" (Corbin 1). This is the most commonly used date rape drug. GHB has no color or smell, but does leave a slightly salty taste (Corbin 2). It incapacitates the victim and leaves them physically helpless to fend off their attack (Corbin 1). The worst part of this drug is that a drop too much can potentially kill a person (Corbin 2). To avoid a situation like this a constant

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