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Gamma Rays are Waves on the electromagnetic Spectrum that have a Wavelength of 10 or Higher and 11 down. Gamma Rays are produced in labs through the process of nuclear collision and also through the artificial Radioactivity that accompanies these interactions. The high energy nuclei needed for the collisions are accelerated by such devices such as the Cyclotron and synchrotron.There are also many uses for Gamma rays in Medicine. Gamma Rays are used in medicine to kill and treat certain types of cancers and tumors. Gamma rays passing through the tissue of the body produce ionization in the tissue. Gamma rays can harm the cells in our body. The rays can also detect brain and Cardiovascular Abnormalities. These are some of the many uses of Gamma Rays in Medicine.Gamma Rays are also Used a great deal in modern day industries. Gamma Rays can be used to examine metallic castings or welds in oil pipelines for weak points. The rays pass through the metal and darken a photographic film at places opposite weak points. In industry, Gamma rays are also used for detecting internal defects in metal castings and in welded structures. Gamma rays are used to kill pesticides and bugs in food. Gamma rays are also used in nuclear reactors and atomic bombs.Gamma rays are often used in the food industry. The radioisotopes preserve foods. Although the rays never come in contact with the food, Beta radiation kills various organisms such as bacteria, yeast, and insects. Gamma rays are sometimes used in science. They are used to detect Beryllium. They also played a very important role in the development of the atomic bomb. Gamma Rays can be very dangerous to use or be in contact with.Gamma rays bombard our bodies constantly. They come from the naturally radioactive materials in rocks and soil. We take some of these materials into our bodies from the air we breath and the water we drink. Gamma rays passing through our bodies produce ionization in the tissue. High levels...

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857 words - 4 pages There are 7 different types of electromagnetic spectrums, which are Gamma rays, X-rays, ultraviolet rays, visible light, infrared, microwaves and radio waves. Each of them has their unique characteristics and if you use them carefully, it can be utilized to benefit people from many ways. In this essay, I will focus about Gamma rays, and Infrared lights. Gamma ray was first discovered in 1900 by French physicist Paul Villard. When Villard found

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1174 words - 5 pages small amounts of radiotracers or usually called radiopharmaceutical drugs to the patient by injection or oral. Radio meaning the emitted of gamma rays and pharmaceutical represents the compound to which a nuclide is bounded or attached. Unlike CT has the ability to give information about the physiological function of a body system. The radiopharmaceutical often referred to as a nuclide has the ability to emit gamma rays within the body structure for

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1129 words - 5 pages ). The electromagnetic spectrum consists of all waves of energy found in our universe. Radio waves, microwaves, infrared light, visible light, UV light, X-rays, and gamma rays, are the are the most common wavelengths on the spectrum. Wavelength is the distance between one wave crest (peak) to the next. Waves in the electromagnetic spectrum vary in size-- from very long radio waves the size of buildings, to very short gamma rays smaller than the

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1109 words - 4 pages the source. Gamma rays are electromagnetic radiations which we detect as quanta of energy or photons. When the radioactive source is confined so that it acts as a point source, the reduction in the number of photons incident on a given area is such that the intensity is inversely proportional to the square of its distance from the source. This is known as the inverse square law:The distance from the gamma source to the Geiger Muller tube will be

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1756 words - 7 pages radiographer must take special precautions to be protected from these harmful rays. The patient will have everything but the area being x-rayed covered by lead, and the radiographer may wear a lead suit, and/or have a lead screen in front of him. Lead is used because x-rays are almost completely stopped by this metal. X-rays travel at the speed of light, just like radio waves, micro-waves, infra-red, ultraviolet and gamma rays. All these rays are part of

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1674 words - 7 pages derived from a small amount of infrared Objects which are similar temperatures to their surroundings simply blend in Gamma Ray Astronomy Example- Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope (orbits at about 550km above the Earth’s surface) How It Works- The Earth’s atmosphere obstructs most of the gamma rays and consequently, balloons and satellites are used to bring telescopes to higher altitudes. Although there are some ground based gamma ray telescopes

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1082 words - 5 pages observed that instead of an intrinsic field, Hess was studying a mutability of photons and electrons. He concluded that these “cosmic rays,” which he named these fluxes, were not telluric, but instead came from interstellar space. Millikan explained these happenings as Compton Scatterings, gamma ray scatterings named after Arthur Compton. Highest energy cosmic rays have been studied for about a century now, with little information on where

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1063 words - 4 pages , a form of radiation is emitted and travels through the body, and a detector receives the unabsorbed rays and transmits them to a computer. The physics behind PET scanning is quite different. Basically, a person is injected with a radioactive substance. This substance begins the process of radioactive decay inside of the person and interacts with the tissue to produce gamma radiation. These gamma rays are detected by scintillation crystals and

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989 words - 4 pages with 6 neutrons and 6 protons, therefore being neutral, carbon 13, another stable isotope of carbon with 7 neutrons and 6 protons. Nuclear fission is the process in which the nucleus of a particle is split into smaller parts, resulting in lighter nuclei. As a result of a fission reaction, a large amount of energy is released, as well as neutrons and photons in the form of gamma rays. Nuclear fusion is the process in which two or more nuclei

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858 words - 4 pages : B ___12. Place the following types of electromagnetic radiation in order of decreasing energy. gamma rays radio waves microwaves A) radio waves > microwaves > gamma rays B) gamma rays > microwaves > radio waves C) radio waves > gamma rays > microwaves D) gamma rays > radio waves >microwaves E) microwaves > radio waves > gamma rays Answer: B ___13. Calculate the wavelength (in nm) of the blue light emitted by a mercury lamp with a

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641 words - 3 pages broken bone. Hot gases in the cosmos also emit x-rays. GAMMA RAYS: Gamma rays are responsible for things such as radioactive decay during nuclear bomb explosions. Even though they can be used in destructive ways, gamma rays emitted in space allow scientists to use telescopes in order to see objects far away. Radio Waves: In-Depth Analysis Radio waves have the longest wave lengths in the electromagnetic spectrum. They can be as small as a potato or

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Gamma Rays Essay

706 words - 3 pages Gamma Rays are Waves on the electromagnetic Spectrum that have aWavelength of 10 or Higher and 11 down. Gamma Rays are produced in labsthrough the process of nuclear collision and also through the artificialRadioactivity that accompanies these interactions. The high energy nucleineeded for the collisions are accelerated by such devices such as theCyclotron and synchrotron. There are also many uses for Gamma rays in Medicine. Gamma

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871 words - 4 pages First of all what is a Gamma Ray? A gamma ray is a high energy ionized radiation (EPA). Gamma photons have about 10,000 times more energy as photons (EPA). Along with that gamma rays wavelengths are so short they have to be measured in nanometers (EPA). They also are the strongest type of radiation which makes them the most dangerous. How are Gamma rays dangerous? A gamma-ray photon has enough energy to damage atoms in your body and make them

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519 words - 3 pages Using gamma radiation from Cobalt 60 is used to sterilise syringes:Gamma rays, emitted from cobalt-60, are similar in many ways to microwaves and X-rays. Gamma rays delivered during sterilization break chemical bonds by interacting with the electrons of atoms, which would kill anything made of atoms (which is everything). And although gamma rays are highly effective in killing micro-organisms, they leave no residues nor have sufficient energy to