Gandhi Vs Mandela Similarities An Contrast Valencia Essay

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Rose Exilus
20 April 2017
The intercultural struggle is not a new phenomenon. For decades, different culture has quarreled either to impose their cultures to other ethnic groups or to defend themselves from the attempts of domination imposed by the other group. Closer to us in the 19th and 20th centuries of the common era decades have been dedicated by people in the struggle to abolish the slave system. Today slavery violation of human rights, slavery, by nature is a system of racist. In certain geographical regions on the globe, particularly in Africa. The emergence of several leaders, notably opposing slavery who, by their skill have marked the history of the word. The great South African leader, Nelson Mandela who, has charismatically given his life , and contributed to the annals of contemporary history.
Nelson Mandela, who was anxious to see the end of the segregationist regime was forced to live in a clandestine manner. After his multiple struggles, he was tried and imprisoned in 1964 for a five years sentence. Unfortunately, not having the power to obtain his liberty even before the end of the sentence, he was subject to a new judgment that sentenced him in perpetuity following the discovery by the police of the secret QC secret of the ANC.
Despite his imprisonment, the struggle was not suppressed. On the contrary, it intensified in the 1980s. Following several negotiations attempted at the hands of regime in place, he was placed under house arrest in 1985 before recovering his disfigured freedom, unrecognizable on 11 February 1990 after 27 years of imprisonment.
In 1993, this hero of South Africa received the Nobel Peace Prize for his contribution in the...

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