Gandhism Is Always A Powerful Tool Of Social Change

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1. Introduction
“I shall be alive in the grave and what is more, speaking from it”
M.K. Gandhi
The essence of the above quoted is very much the central idea of Vizai’s play The Return of Gandhi. The play aptly attacks the rot in present day political system. The play has won Nandi Award in 2002 given by the Government of Andhra Pradesh in the Best Drama category. This Play has been written well before the most popular hit movies in Hindi as Lage raho Munnabhai and in Telugu Sankardada MBBS were made on the re-arrival of Gandhi to Earth. Yama Dharma Raju….. Hell…… Gandhiji’s arrival to Hell on an invitation….. Happy mood in Hell because of Gandhiji’s entry… Chitragupta’s allegation (with a fear) on Gandhi as a sinner…. Yama Dharma Raju’s unwillingness to convict Gandhiji….. Chitra Gupta’s reiteration of promoting Gandhi as a sinner because he who is held responsible in bringing freedom to an immature nation…. as
The Languishing race in feudal society for ages marked with hero worship and dynastic adulation, understands only dependence — not independence. The gullible masses who were divided by caste and religion cannot appreciate the principles of equality. The people at large were illiterate, ignorant and innocent. The few educated were careless and irresponsible. The selfish and immoral rulers always indulged in power-game, encouraged factions, and further divided the people in the name of language, region, culture and the like. What kind of rule can the country expect from such rulers? The nation at large was thrown into a vicious circle. Giving independence to such people and power to such leaders naturally proved suicide. My Lord, killing a person is a sin. But trying to kill the whole nation? The biggest sin. And this man committed that biggest sin. Hence, it is prayed that appropriate punishment be imposed on this man. (Vizai Bhaskar P 21-22)
Yama Dharma Raju’s decision of sending Gandhiji to India for a month in order to witness people’s behavior, attitude and their exercise of his sought after freedom…. are the background elements of the Play. The implied expectation of the punishment is that Gandhi has to suffer like a father of disgraceful children does.
2. Gandhism…. a flavor of Modern Times
. It is a welcoming fact to see some neo-Gandhians are found today and Centers for study of Gandhi are appearing praiseworthily. At this need worthy phenomenon, Vizai’s play The Return of Gandhi appeals the youth of this nation to have a great faith in the ideals of Gandhi as pointed in the following….
Gandhism is becoming the flavor of our times as a newly awakened youth discovers the eternal relevance of values like love, truth, and non-violence (Life Positive P 70)
Gandhi is a paper figure for those who are born after independence. People have started learning of Gandhi as a subject in lessons, a pale picture on books...

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