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Gang Culture In The West Essay

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The presence of the Mexican population in the United States dates back to the 16th century, when people of Spanish, Indian, Mexican, and Anglo backgrounds occupied the region that was then northern Mexico and is currently the American South-west, including parts of what today is Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, and Utah. It is noted that Mexicans comprise the largest modern-day immigrant group and largest immigrant group in American history (sagepub).
Groups identical of gangs are said to have first appeared in the West region as early as the 1890’s. It is proposed that the predecessors of urban gangs in the West were the palomilla (small groups of young Mexican men). These emerging ...view middle of the document...

Gangs have their own signs, signals, colors, and dress code for advertising their presence and marking territory in their town or city. The MS-13 may display the number “13” in different ways to disguise it here in the US. However MS-13 members in El Salvodor may wear more prominent tattoos. Shown in the movie “,” the leader of the gang’s face was completely covered in tattoos. One side presented the MS-13 symbol. Hand signs used by the MS-13 include devil’s horns or gang’s initials (gangs.umd). Other hand signs used between gang members can be used for silent communication to identify themselves. This is also shown in the movie during almost all interactions between gang members. Each member greeted each other
Gangs have been a part society for hundreds of years. Today, they are bigger and more dangerous than any time before. Some 33,000 violent street gangs, motorcycle gangs, and prison gangs with about 1.4 million members are active in the U.S. today (FBI- gangs). MS-13 is estimated to have over 10,000 members in the US, with several thousand more in Central America. These members are organized into cliques that take orders from central leadership in the US and El Salvador. These cliques hold meetings and are staggered so the leadership from one clique can attend another cliques’ meeting (gangs.umd).
It is common for gangs to recruit school-aged members at 10 years and up. Gang members are often found hanging around schools in search of new prospects. Gang members recruit in schools, on the street, while confined in...

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