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Navn: Youdan LiangKlasse: C1Dato: 10/06 2014Eksamensnr.: 11Gang problems in LondonThe gang problems in the UK, and especially in London, are a big issue. England has the highest rate of violence in Europe, and it is mostly criminal. According to the Metropolitan Police, also called MET, there are a number of 250 gangs. This number is inaccurate, according to the English website They believe that the number is triple the amount, around 750 gangs with young people predisposed to be using violence. [1: Unsafe London…. Street gangs and their own sense of justice:]In London there is a large amount of gang violence. One of the gang problems that are happening in London is that young people are born with little or no access to school, and to survive they mischief. Another problem is that young people is becoming "…vulnerable to pressures from gang members." The reasons for the vulnerability are issues such as discrimination, poverty, struggles in education and lack of role models. The 750 gangs with young people "…forces their members to share the same field of activity." As the members are sharing the same field of activity, an increase in violence is inevitable. Some of the most saturated districts in London are Tower Hamlet and Hackney, where there are 25 large youth groups that coexist. The life of a victim was ended by the rivalries where 90 gangs were involved. The satisfaction of being part of something or the recognition that lies within is gotten through non-political and illegal acts of violence against property, by members of other gangs or common citizens.[2: Gang culture in London:][3: Unsafe London…. Street gangs and their own sense of justice]UK is a violent country. In 2007 it had the largest number of killings in EU (927). That number in itself could be a reason for the popularity. "In London just one of every five arrests is a member of a gang, and the real number is probably greater because many of those involved still haven't been captured". Because one out of five arrested is a member of a gang, it is likely that they can affect and encourage young people. Especially in places where the environment is marginal, and...

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