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In society most people feel safe and do not have a sense of urgency that something appalling will transpire around them. Although these people may hear about the surplus of current events going on around the world today that may be abysmal they tend to not care because they perceive that it will not arise around their home. Gang violence in youths is a prominent problem around numerous portions of the world today. Youths are forced to go along with the engagements taken place in the gang which can be cataclysmic to society and themselves. The life of a youth and their family can be altered by just one simple decision to join a gang, put many people in danger of being hurt, however there are still many workable solutions to put these youths back on track.
When a youth elects to join a gang it is typically done to run away from their obstacles, consequently they do not know they are making their complications worst and making their parents problems worst too. It is hard for parents to keep their teen out of the local gang. Therefore it will be hard for the youth to back away from gangs when their own parents cannot talk them out of it. Kocieniewski of the New York Times points out that “75% of youths in a gang become less involved in family activities” (3). This shows that Gangs break the bond between youths and their family members. In addition Simon states that “Gangs drastically change the way your child acts, they become less attained to spend time with family and just won’t spend time with family at all “ (12) . This also portrays how the life of the family of a gang member is changed due to a lack of time being spent with their child and the lack of dialogue between themselves and their child. Arlem points out that “the large amounts of drugs taken by teens in gangs changes their appearance and decisions become less thought of” (26). This is noticeable because it not only affects the appearance of the youth but it also affects their decisions. Due to the colossal amounts of drugs consumed by these teens they are habitually subconscious while making decisions which leave them susceptible to constructing bad decisions. . It is tough for a family of a youth in a gang but it is even tougher for the youth themselves to acclimate to. Therefore as portrayed, it can be really overwhelming for both a youth and their family when their child decides to join a gang.
Gangs put society in an unsafe state filled with destruction. Lee states that “A twenty one year old man was stabbed to death by several gang members” (2). This is just a portion of the massive deterioration caused by a gang. Gangs tend to do things that are even more severe, especially youth gangs. Hagdorn justifies this by stating “youth gangs destroy society both mentally and physically”. (8) They destroy society physically by hurting people and killing innocent people. The mental obliteration takes a more sophisticated method. They use stereotypical comments that portray...

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