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1) “Gang Violence in Chicago/ Psychology” is the topic/discipline, I have chosen.

a) The initial step in understanding the discipline of Psychology would be to obtain a formalized definition of this particular branch of scientific study. Defining the study of Psychology would provide formalized focus for research into the field. The Methods/avenues of research I would employ include the internet, review of professional and academic journals and interviewing a psychologist to gain firsthand perception of the field. A personal interview could prove invaluable in establishing the psychologist’s perspective of the pathology of violence and gang mentality.
b) The focus of a psychologist’s study would be to identify the physical, social, mental and emotional issues within the environment that affect human psyche through a predisposition towards violence. This study would involve evaluation of personal life experiences of gang members, to identify the presence of common stressors and factors. Further investigation would be conducted to establish an understanding of how these factors initiate violence within the psyche.
The question would be “What effects do the biological, social, emotional, and environmental factors of living in the urban environment of Chicago, have on the human psyche, influencing it towards gang violence?”

c) Psychology’s contribution to the assessment would be a better comprehension of the etiology of violence as it relates to living in the urban setting of Chicago. The discipline of Psychology could isolate and define the factors that serve as precursors to violent behavior within the urban setting. In the study of “gang” or herd mentality, as it relates to gang violence, research efforts might involve a collaborative effort with the fields of Sociology and Archeology.
A psychologist’s perspective, could distinguish whether pathways contributing to development of violent behavior within a gang, are direct results of learned behavior as opposed to products of instinctual behavior. Understanding the pathology of violence is pivotal in the design and development of methods to circumvent known precursors to the pattern of gang violence.

2) Unit: Progressive Care
Age: The average age of the patients under my care are between the ages of 40 to >85yrs.
65% Caucasian (25% of them immigrants)
20% African American (25% are immigrants and expatriates from Caribbean Islands)
10% Asian American of Korean or Chinese descent (90% are immigrants and expatriates)
5% Hispanic Cultures
5% Middle Eastern Cultures (100% are immigrants)
Approximately 50% of the foreign born patients do not speak English or English is a second language for them.
Major Health Issues: The majority of the patients are admitted for treatment of health complications resulting from one or more of the following co morbidities: COPD/Lung disease, Liver disease, Heart disease, Cancer, Diabetes, Obesity and Substance Abuse.

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