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Gangsters Life Style In The Movie: Goodfellas

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I am always for freedom; that is the truth. But I realize that today, we have too much freedom, so much so that the truth of our lives have been muddled into this really vague truth: whatever works is OK; as long as you harm no one, what you do is OK; if you obey the law, whatever you do within it is OK; that as long as you are conventional, as long as you obey what people say today, your amorality, your insincerity, your plain stoic unfeelingness is OK.
But the simple truth is that this thinking is not OK.

In a sense, we have created a new Sodom in this world. You think that in Sodom, rape was illegal? You think in Sodom, that dignity and integrity was encouraged? You think that in Sodom, ...view middle of the document...

” I guess we see the wisdom of that quote today. We have the freedom we yearn for, but in the process, we’ve lost our moral compass and became the opposite of what the forefathers of democracy wanted to be.

In the movie “Goodfellas,” we watch excitedly as we see the gangster lifestyle, where they can get whatever they want, do whatever they want, and do them the way they want. They... have TVs that appear as if from nowhere, big houses, lots of friends, alcohol, joints, “business taxes”, pizza places, kids, drugs, sex and oral sex and “missionary” sex, fancy cars, fancy suits, fancy names, titles, computers, and even movie stars as girlfriends, maids, or drivers. But by the end of the film, the illusion has been broken: you realize that the “friendship” was nothing but a show, and they can betray these people for nothing but a reduced jail sentence and survival; that they’ve always been watched by the NSA and the FBI; that the drug addiction they thought was cool and necessary actually led to their downfall; that the people around them are being killed one by one because of the mistakes they made while they were young and foolish; and that the end results of everything is dissatisfaction and living in the Witness Protection Program.
That’s how society is today: it seems like everything they’re doing is OK, that they won’t pay for what they do, until the house of cards collapse and they end up paying for everything big-time. Maybe not today, nor will it be tomorrow, but someday, they will. We all will.

There’s hope for society to change, but it’s a glimmer at best. Our “instant gratification” thinking-style really keeps us from getting into the bone of the problem, since it’s going to be painful and thorough if we want to keep ourselves from destruction. Plus, the thinking to keep us from destruction can be seen as...

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