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Gap In Pay Due To Gender

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The current gender pay gap has remained one of the consistent areas of inequality between women and men. The above peer review articles are collectively in agreement that men are consistently paid more for labor than women. These articles report various estimates on the extent of gender pay gap, ranging between 15-25% favoring men, advising that when women go into potentially high earning careers, many are paid far less than the male counterpart because of the way they structure their working lives. Because women are more sensitive to their family responsibility, it is guesstimated that women will work at least 63% of the hours put in by male counterparts.I. Review of LiteratureWhile there has been significant progress made towards bridging the gap in gender pay, there is still much work to be done. Within the peer review articles there is also information alluding to the fact that the gap in gender pay could also be attributed to the educational choices that women make. It is more likely than not that woman will major in fields related to social sciences, while men will choose fields such as engineering, mathematics, and computing. Here again it is stated that women are more driven by emotion, even before the traditional family comes into play; females will choose professions that allow them to be more hands on with the general public than men will. Women in the workplace are more prone to miss out on financial rewards because of choosing a family life; however they are more satisfied with the trade-off.These articles give credence to the team's belief that men are continuously paid more than their female counterparts to operate in various positions. They reveal different possible reasons as to why the gender gap is still as prevalent as it is in today society such as the educational choices that women make versus the men, traditionally male dominated positions that require absolute dedication to strenuous activity and extra long work hours; such factors that most women are not likely to dedicate themselves to due to family obligations, which then leads to another factor being that women are also more likely than men to require excessive and extended amounts of time off from work than men for reasons such as maternity and sick leaves. Although these factors can give insight as to why women are paid less than men in society today, they do not justify the act of underpayment.II. Sampling DesignThe population being researched consists of a total of 51 men and women. This random sample studies their annual wages, occupation, years of education, years of experience and age. The areas occupations sampled were professional, management, sales, service, and other. Despite women's dramatic labor market gains, there remains a striking degree of occupational segregation by gender, there are still occupations that some consider female type positions, and others that are considered male only jobs. The theory that male occupations requires one to be...

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