Gap In Silence Essay

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Why did I deserve this? No one listens to me, I feel like I’m an outcast in this world. The people around me all want me to be someone I’m not. Like my father, my friends, Josie my friend and my love that I’m not to be with because of Jacob Coote. I’m sick of being this person that I’m not, not allowed to be who I want to be but being something completely different. All I want in life is for someone to be there for me, someone to listen to me and to be my own person is that so hard for people to understand.

My father is a wealthy politician who doesn’t listen to anyone except his fellow politicians, and when you talk to him it’s about politics. When he talks to someone it’s about politics. ...view middle of the document...

But I don’t know what Josie sees in him he’ a indecent prick for goodness sakes. The bloke turned up to Josie house in torn jeans and a scruffy shirt to take her to a stupid movie. I suppose it’s my fault I was to dam shy that I didn’t ask Josie to dance at that silly dance and he got in there before me. But the guy is a total loon he took Josie on the back of his motorcycle when she was in that stunning dress she made with her nonnas material. If that’s all girls care about these days that guys ride a motorcycle, wear scruffy clothes, no manners and does not know how to treat a girl with respect, I don’t even know why I try. I thought Josie liked me for who I am and not for whom people want me to be maybe I was wrong about her.

But Josie I do like her, what is there not to like about her. She is perfect, smart and absolutely beautiful. She might have a slightly weird family coming from Italy. She might be the biggest wog in St Martha’s as she is the only one. But I don’t care where she comes from and if she is a wog, because I like her for who she is a talented young lady that will become whoever she wants, will...

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