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Gap Marketing Analysis

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Kevin Lee MG6073 - MarketingKunal Shah 12/12/2009Table of Contents3Executive Summary 3Company Background & History 4Corporate Structure 5Market Segmentation Strategy 6Current Marketing Situation 6SWOT Analysis 7Porters 5-Force Analysis 7The 4 P's (Product, Price, Place, Promotion) 8Brand Strength and Power 9Competitors 10International Presence 10Technology Used at Gap 12Finances 14Trend Analysis 14Future of Gap 16Bibliography/Works Cited Executive SummaryGap Incorporated is one of the largest clothing retailer chains in the world. Specializing in American fashion, they operate 5 distinct brands with thousands of retail stores across the world. Gap has had a long history of providing trendy American fashion at relatively affordable prices. However, Gap has fallen on hard times in the past decade with lackluster products, poor designs, and depressed sales. As a result, Gap has lost some of its prominence and power in the retail clothing market to other international competitors. It is necessary for Gap to revitalize their product line and company in order to fend off competition both domestically in North America and abroad. In recent years, Gap has begun the process of rejuvenating their company with new product and marketing strategies. With this, Gap has started their long journey to restore some of the luster the Gap brand has lost.Company Background & HistoryThe Gap, Inc. is a leading American accessories and clothing retailer founded in San Francisco in 1969. It was founded by Donald G. Fisher and his wife Doris F. Fisher. The company has five primary brands: the Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy, Piperlime and recently launched Athleta. It has approximately 3,100 stores and employs more than 150,000 workers worldwide (Gap).The story of The Gap began in the summer of 1969 when Donald Fischer, along with his wife, Doris, went to buy Levi's jeans from a departmental store. Unable to find a pair of jeans that would fit him, it led him to believe that the demand of jeans had outweighed supply. He then setup the store inside a small shop near the San Francisco State University and sold vinyl records and Levi's jeans. At that time their goal was to make it easier for customers to find a great fitting pair of jeans and an easy-to shop store experience. Jeans became the rage in 1970's which boosted its modest sales of $2.5 million in 1971 to almost $100 million in 1976 by which it already had 186 stores spread over 21 states in the USA (Funding Universe).The name of the store, Gap, has several different origins. 'Generation Gap' was a frequently used phrase in the 1960's and 1970's to describe the gap in mindsets between the older WWII-era generation and the younger Vietnam-era generation. Gap targeted their jeans and vinyl records to the younger generation that was rebelling against older established cultural norms. Also, it is said that the 1st store was located in a valley, or gap, between two hilly areas of San Francisco.The Gap quickly grew...

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