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Gaps Analysis Development Plan

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“The gaps of GAPS analysis help leadership practitioners identify high priority development needs...,” (Hughes, Ginnett, & Curphy 2012). The gaps of this analysis are the spaces in-between each step (Hughes et al., 2012). To bridge these gaps, a development plan should be constructed (Hughes et al., 2012). “A good development plan is like a road map: it clearly identifies the final destination, lays out the steps or interim check points, builds in regular feedback to keep people on track, identifies when additional resources are needed, and builds in reflection time so people can periodically review progress and determine whether an alternative route is needed,” (Hughes et al., 2012).
Step 1: Career and Development Objectives (Hughes et al., 2012)
Career Objective:
To find a career in the business administrative career field and leave career at US Navy
Development Objectives:
1. Continue to receive good evaluations and midterms from current employer, US Navy, in order to be able to gain good references to provide future employer.
2. Future education with MBA from either Yale or UCLA.
3. Begin networking.
Step 2: Criteria for Success (Hughes et al., 2012)
In order to obtain my goal of breaking into the business career field, I will need to due some homework and began to network my chosen career field. With the technology available today, I can easily accomplish this using my Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites. This new form of networking is called social networking (Shah 2013). “Social Networking is a very wide concept which means connection of one being to another, either, or many,” (Shah 2013). This is a skill very important to professionals just entering the field (Shah 2013). Since I have not yet been in the business career field on the high level that I will soon be reaching for, networking will be a skill that I must learn in order to use it as a tool to gain a position at a company that I wish to work for.
To begin my long journey of networking I have made my Facebook very professional, created an account of LinkedIn, and began to attend business conferences in my area. I will be interning at the Chamber of Commerce next summer. During my internship, I plan to make as many business connections as possible. Networking is the skill that I presently need to work on and plan to have mastered by next summer in the ways of social networking as well as face-to-face networking such as internships (Shah 2013).
Step 3: Action Steps (Hughes et al., 2012)
Three actions steps that I plan to take in order to achieve my goal of leaving my job at the US Navy and obtaining a career in this business career field are securing an entry-level job, self-promotion, and sponsorship (Bianca 2013). Obtaining the entry level position will in my opinion prove most difficult to me. My plan is to network as I have stated above until I reach a connection that may help me in...

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