Garden Of Love Essay

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Chapter One

The sun was shining right in John’s face as he ran his 2 miles for the day in the Dessert. John was sent back to the dessert for six months after he made Tech. John was into his Fourth month deployment and he was more than ready to get back home to his loving wife Maddie. He finished his run and went back to his room to take a cold shower. He would have taken a hot shower, but it was already hot outside.
John stepped out of the shower and decided to try and get a hold of his wife Maddie. He tried a few times, but was unsuccessful so he went to bed and waited until he got up for work. John was in the Air force doing maintenance work. He really did not like his job, but he thought that he had to start somewhere. He was doing the fuel tank which was a job that he told many that wanted to go into the Air force not to do. His job was rough and he was tired of smelling like fuel.
The clock struck five am and John was trying to hit the snooze button to get a few more minutes of rest. He knew he had to get up, so he eased himself up off the hard bed and walked to the bathroom. He glared at the computer to find a message from Maddie. He was by then wide awake and ran to the computer to read what she had written.
“Dear John I am always thinking about you and I hope that you are thinking about me too. I am sorry that I missed your call. I was visiting mother in the hospital and did not make it home until really late. I did not want to wake you, so I wrote you this letter instead. I love and miss you, be safe until we kiss again. Hugs and kisses.”
Love, Maddie Wells
John was smiling from ear to ear with excitement. He was so happy that he was able to hear from his wife even though they were not talking face to face on the computer the letters made him happy. He got ready for work and decided to write Maddie when he returned.

Chapter Two

Maddie was sitting on the couch in their cozy home in Colorado Springs Colorado. She was watching television and glaring at the computer while their dog Duke was playing with his chew toy on the floor. Maddie knew that John was at work, so she did not expect to hear from him until later that night. They always tend to miss each other as the days go on, so letters on the computer keep their communication going.
Maddie was in her 20’s as John was in his 30’s they met in Colorado Springs in a Garden full of red and white roses. They had their first date there and everything. Maddie was thinking about that day and hoped to go back to that garden when John returned home. The moments that they shared there were magical and she wanted them to relive those moments one more time.
Maddie got off the couch and went to the kitchen. She made it to the refrigerator when she heard a sound that came from her computer. She saw that John was on and he was writing her a message while he was at work. Maddie thought that it was odd, but very romantic because he was thinking about her while he was at work.

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