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Semester project - 1st hand in IntroductionI have chosen to work with Germany as the country I will export the Garden Table. Germany is the seventh largest European country and holds a population of 80,996,685 people. The German national economy is the largest in Europe and fifth largest in the world in PPP terms. The success behind the great economy is the export of machinery, vehicles, chemicals, and household equipment and benefits from a highly skilled labor force. In 2013, the gardening & outdoor living grew 1.3% and reached a value of $12.8 billion. The forecast of the market is to have a value of $13.5 billion in 2018, which is almost an increase of 5.5%.13.7% of the gardening & household market is outdoor living. The market also holds accounts for 18,3 of the European gardening & outdoor living market value During the study, I will analyze political- , social relations and economic with pestle, Five Forces ,Geert Hofstede model and SWOT analysis-models. There will also be provided a market analysis of the country and at the end the study will be concluded with a discussion and conclusion. [1:][2:][3: ]Target groupPotential CustomersThe Garden Table has many potential customers, people who live in houses, apartments, owns an allotment, Hotel and Restaurants. The potential customers are a lot at this point, but in order to get a high profit we should find our right target group.Business methodsThere is two methods to sell a product. The first methods is the B2B (Business to Business) and the second B2C (Business to Consumers).The Garden Table is something that could belong in a Hotel, Restaurant or private homes. Therefor it gives the company both methods to use, but one of these strategies will be more visible in use of both methods at the same time. By using one of the methods, it will help the company find the right target group and get a higher profit.Every hotel and restaurants has its own style and theme, if we wanted to sell the Garden Table to hotel, we need it to be something matching their theme or style. The thing is that most of the hotels and restaurant buy many of their things in packaged, if we want to sell the table, we should be ready to offer them other products also, chairs maybe. It could happen that some of the Restaurant or Hotel would be interested but the profit might not be that high with only a few hotels and restaurants buying the product. The business method that will be used if we want to sell to a Hotel or Restaurants is the B2B method (Business to Business).Home & Garden Equipment should focus on selling it to consumers through a market, which also sells outdoor furniture. There is 40, 7 million household in Germany, which all can benefit from the Garden Table in one way or the other. The Garden Table can fulfill many needs in a home. It can...

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3836 words - 15 pages Semester project - 1st hand in IntroductionI have chosen to work with Germany as the country I will export the Garden Table. Germany is the seventh largest European country and holds a population of 80,996,685 people. The German national economy is the largest in Europe and fifth largest in the world in PPP terms. The success behind the great economy is the export of machinery, vehicles, chemicals, and household equipment and benefits from a

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