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Throughout the history of mankind, the gardens have been created to feed the spirit. The landscape is a relationship between nature and culture; it expresses who we are and where we from. Furthermore, landscape architecture advances along with society and it adjust to the change of their tastes and way of life. It is at first hand the search for a balance of adapting the environment and the advance society. We can observe the different styles and designs process each culture has, simply by looking at what kind of elements, plants, and regulations it uses. For example in the United States a designer takes into consideration the ADA regulations while in Mexico they don’t, which will result in a different design approach. This means that we might witness a similar design containing a bridge crossing through a pond but one design might incorporate railings and the other one will not. This tells us how one society values the importance of incorporating safety and handicap accessibility just by using different elements. The following essay intends to discuss how culture can contribute to the design of an exterior space and how it’s reflected in the work of a landscape architect. To accomplish this task I am going to look at two landscape architects from different regions and witness how diverse but also how unified they are to each other by looking at the way they incorporate elements from their culture and other societies.

The first landscape architect that I choose to accomplish my task is Burle Marx. Troguhout his life he designed hundreds of private and public space which helped him get recognized and obtain comitions throughout Latin- America, United States, and across the continent. Burle help create, what is known as, the modern landscape architecture in Brazil. Marx was considered to be the most influential Landscape Architect of the Latin America during the twentieth century who was inspired by the rich abundant of nature and a blend of cultures. He did several expeditions throughout Brazil to study and identify native plants; it’s believed that those expeditions are reflected in his designs trough the reveal of the vibrant contrast of his countries flowers, leaves, birds, and butterflies (Vaccarino 8). He incorporated local elements, pre-colombian graphics, and gets influences from the Iberians gardens in Braizil. There was a constant effort to integrate and reflect the diverse elements of his country including the integration of tropical vegetation.
The foreign influences comes from the Arab domination elements highlight on water feture, mosaic floor, and ceramic walls ( 37-38). His early work reflects the English gardens because of its formality, both the English and Marx’s gardens create a tension that brings several elements together to create sophistication. Yet his gardens are not intended to create stillness in the contrast there are a lot of movement in his creations. There is a close...

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