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Executive SummaryThis report presents findings on the operational aspect of Garuda Indonesia Airline in Brisbane. It aims to evaluate the effectiveness of Brisbane operations in relation to the fulfilment of the organisational objectives. Aspects of operation were identified and analysed, and contrasted to the organisation strategy as a whole. Interviews with the General Manager and visit to the airport were conducted to collect primary information, and to gain knowledge about the nature of the operationOperational issues were identified, and classified in accordance to its impact to the organisational objective (i.e. Revenue growth and cost reduction). Upon the analysis, the underlying operational issues evolve around the quality of the outsourced activities and the level of customers' satisfaction. Pertaining to the issue, recommendations were given as to improve the performance of the outsourced activities, by means of identifying the cause of the problems. These include the implementation of Total Quality Control, internal service quality measures, effective communication, quality control for continuous improvement, and benchmarking.This report concludes that although most of Garuda's customers contact operation activities are outsourced to qualified companies, it has to put sufficient control to ensure they are performing at the expected level of quality. It is vital because the front-line contact employees are important elements in the service delivery process that are capable of building customers' perception about the service.Table of ContentsExecutive Summary 1Table of Contents 21. Introduction 31.1 COMPANY BACKGROUND 31.2 OPERATIONAL STRATEGY AND COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES 41.3 GARUDA OPERATIONS IN BRISBANE 52. Analysis of Garuda Operational activities 62.1 PROCESS AND OPERATIONS 62.1.1 The Airline General Operation 62.1.2 Fleet Assignment 92.1.3 Outsourcing activities 92.1.4 Scheduling 122.1.5 Scheduling limitation 132.2 QUALITY MANAGEMENT 142.2.1 Defining Quality and Quality Management 142.2.2 Quality Management in Garuda 152.2.4 Quality Control with Outsourcing 162.2.5 Measuring customers satisfaction 173. Key issues 184. Recommendation & Implementation 244.1 INTERNAL SERVICE QUALITY 244.2 COMMUNICATE DESIRED QUALITY STANDARD AND REGULATION CHANGES 274.3 QUALITY CONTROL TOOLS 274.4 BENCHMARKING 284.5 SIX SIGMA QUALITY 296. Conclusion 337. References 341. Introduction1.1 Company BackgroundGaruda Indonesia Airline is the national carrier of Indonesia which is 100 precent owned by the Indonesian government. The airline commands over 50 percent of the Indonesian domestic market and, as it expands its range of customer services and code-share agreements with other airlines, it has become a significant player in international market.Garuda now has a fleet of approximately 60 aircrafts offering service to 30 domestic and 24 international destinations. Garuda ships about 200,000 tons of cargo a month and operates a computerized tracking...

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