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Gary Leon Ridgway, born February 18th in 1949, is the world’s most prolific serial killer. What makes him the world’s most prolific serial killer? Among being a murderer he was also a necrophiliac. The sheer number is a prime example of the psychotic things this man was capable of doing. He was convicted of forty-eight murders, but later confessed to as many as twice that number. It is also astonishing that this horror lasted more than a decade between the 1980s and 1990s.
As a young child Ridgway was exposed to many arguments between his parents. He was belittled for wetting the bed by his mother whom he had opposing sexual and aggravated feelings for. This was a start to his ...view middle of the document...

He would complain about the presence of prostitutes in his area while at the same time using their services. Ridgway married his third wife in 1988. Speculations arose over his strict religious life and his uncontrolled lusts. Ridgway became very angry and hostile during this time. The killings were confirmed to have begun in the 1980s and ended in 1998.
Furthermore, Ridgway was thought to have killed a minimum of ninety women. He was convicted of forty-eight but confessed to around seventy-one. Most of his killings were presumed to have occurred between 1982 and 1984. The majority of his victims were prostitutes or teenage runaways. Most of his victims came from Route 99, or International Blvd. 99. Ridgway would rape and then murder his victims. There was no evidence of him keeping them for a certain amount of time. After Ridgway would sexually assault his victims, he would kill them by strangulation. Usually Ridgway used his hands or arms but also used ligatures in select cases. He would dump the bodies in heavily wooded areas or around the Green River, which is how he got his nickname The Green River Killer. He would dump the bodies in “clusters” which later he would return to and have intercourse with them. Strangulation, rape, and wooded areas are all key factors in Gary Ridgways' M.O, or Modus Operandi. A Modus Operandi is translated in Latin to “method of operation.”
In addition, Ridgway spent a decade or more terrorizing young women and teenagers. The killings began in 1982 and stopped in 1998 but some say that the killings could have lasted until 2001 but no-one is completely sure. As stated earlier most of the killing took place between 1982 and 1984 which forty murders were attributed to the same killer. He was arrested in 1983 as a suspect of the Green River killings but was released when he passed a polygraph test. Gary Leon Ridgway was arrested on November 30th, 2001 at Kenworth Truck Factory where he was a spray painter. He was arrested for the murder of four women after evidence of semen came back to match,a mouth swab done on Ridgway in 1987 when he was a prime suspect twenty years before. On November 5th, 2003 Gary Leon Ridgway pleaded guilty to forty-eight counts of murder between 1982 and 1998. In order to avoid the death penalty Ridgway confessed to the murders and led the police to the other victims, plus some women who were not affiliated with The Green River Killer and accepted life imprisonment without parole. The Green River Killer case accumulated so much evidence that the...

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