Gas Attack: The Bhopal Gas Tragedy Grade 8 Essay

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Arjun Modi 9-30-13
Mrs. Huang English
Gas Attack!
“We could not wash our own dishes to the burning and blisters that began to form on our hands.”--Bhopal Citizens. On December 2nd-3rd 1984 the toxic gasses of Methyl Isolate took over the city of Bhopal in India. Soon enough people were lying in hospitals gassed to death. The gasses stayed in Bhopal, and 27 tons of Methyl Isolate was released from tank E610. The Bhopal Gas Tragedy was a terrible event and many people were unaware of what actually happened, the consequences and who was responsible for the mess. We all must be careful of the deadly effects by gas chemicals, and how it affected Bhopal.
The most troubling question for most common people is what really happened during the Bhopal Disaster? On the night of December 2nd and 3rd 1984 large amounts of water entered tank E610. This caused a reaction causing the temperature of the tank to rise to 392 degrees Fahrenheit! As a cautionary procedure the alarm went off and the pressure was released, because of this 27 tons of Methyl Isolate was in the atmosphere. This caused the gas to flood the city of Bhopal. Many people thought of this as an act of irresponsibility and many others predicted that the owners had taken shortcuts managing the plant.
Even though the gas was released what were the consequences if any? After the gas was released workers shut the valve off and by morning the police said it was okay, but they found out soon enough the damage it had done to the city of Bhopal. During the night the gas came through every crack it could find. When the citizens had waken up they felt severe irritation in their eyes and trouble breathing. So in the end, the results were horrific today 30,000 people have died and 800,000 people are diseased. Green Peace which is the leading independent campaigning organization that...

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