Fuel Cell Research Essay

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Ever since the beginning of time, mankind has been dependant on Mother Nature to provide them with various energy sources for cooking, staying warm, and powering machines. At first, this energy source was wood. Then, as technology increased, man found other things to burn, such as coal, oil and gas. As the need for greater energy sources increased, man started looking around them. They found water, light, and wind. Still in need of energy, man looked smaller instead of bigger. They soon harnessed the power of the nucleus, and the atomic age was born. Now, a new age is being born. An age where mere power is not the whole issue, but how it is produced, the effects it has on the environment, and long-range productivity capabilities. The other energy sources are being depleted or are simply not making the grade on the economical scale. Now, a new technology must be harnessed, and I believe that the answer to our problems is something that has been around forever, right under our noses for centuries and yet completely ignored.This mystery solution is actually water. Not so much the water in and of itself, but the hydrogen and the oxygen that combine to produce it. There is enough power in a glass of water to run the city of Chicago for a week. There is enough water in the first 10 feet of all the oceans in the world to power the world for over a million years. The best part about it is that the process of turning water into hydrogen power is that it is 100% clean and pollution free. We have in front of us, a solution to the world's power problems without the uncertain future that is bound to other power producing methods of the past.Some may agree that, yes hydrogen does sound like an interesting and possibly viable future energy source, but why bother? We already have a successful economy based on fossil fuels. We have used these fuel sources for over a hundred years. Why should we change now? The answer is simple. There are five main reasons that an economy dependent on fossil fuels is an economy that will eventually fail.1. Pollution2. Non-Renewable resource3. Expensive4. International Dependency5. Monopoly on the marketFossil fuels (i.e., petroleum, natural gas and coal), which meet most of the world's energy demand today, are being depleted rapidly. Also, their combustion products are causing global problems, such as the greenhouse effect, ozone layer depletion, acid rains and pollution, which are posing great danger for our environment, and eventually, for the total life on our planet. Many engineers and scientists agree that the solution to all of these global problems would be to replace the existing fossil fuel system with the Hydrogen Energy System. Hydrogen is a very efficient and clean fuel. Its combustion will produce no greenhouse gases, no ozone layer depleting chemicals, and no acid rain ingredients and pollution. Hydrogen, when produced from renewable energy sources (solar, wind, bio-chemical), would result in a permanent energy...

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