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I visualize myself as a person of an international mindset and an ardent observer of global issues and trends. I mention this because; the first, truly international issue I explored that ignited my interest in international finance was the Asian Financial crisis of 1997.
Naive at that time, I could not fully comprehend this globe-rattling issue. Nevertheless, it never left my mind that indeed a momentous upheaval had occurred in the monetary circles, and it became a global concern.
A year later, after in-depth fact finding through personal research, I gained infantile perception of global economic and monetary concerns. I was 12 years old then. Around this period, the issue of Russia defaulting GKO bonds came into world attention-The Russian Financial Crisis.
After review, analysis and observation of cut newspaper articles, several articles from "The Economist", and news commentaries concerning these economic upheavals, I realized that there were subtexts common to these "crises". I could easily find the meaning of some of the words used in these articles, these included "bonds", "interest rates”, "debt defaults", and "sovereign". Contextually, I found these words intuitive and I erroneously drew a conclusion that all these upheavals called "financial crisis" were brought about by misjudgments or miscalculations by financial policy makers.
10 years later, in the year 2008, I was a sophomore at a university called United States International University (USIU) in Nairobi studying business and concentrating in information systems and technology. As a truly world-class business school, USIU nurtured my analytical skills and improved my understanding and problem-solving ability, alongside broadening my international mindset. Despite this, I never had the opportunity to further pursue courses explaining international monetary economics and capital markets because my major limited my study of these disciplines to general courses. The same year saw the explosion of U.S subprime mortgage crisis that triggered the late 2000's global recession.
This new cataclysm piqued my waning interest in international financial markets. During that time, I was studying Japanese and Chinese as foreign language electives. Japan was severally mentioned as being hard hit by this crisis while China was experiencing robust economic growth amidst this turmoil. This paradox drew my attention to the economies of these countries, partly motivated by the fact that I was studying their languages. Besides that, new concepts such as "emerging markets", "BRIC" were increasingly being mentioned in discourses and this further motivated me to investigate deeper.
In my senior year, I was offered an internship position at a government department-Public Finance Advisory Committee; where I assumed the position of technical analyst. Investment analysis, bonds and equities, were aspects of business I begun working with, making them my primary focus.
I realized that these disciplines...

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