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My early memories bring back images of my family and I gathered around the white kitchen table. At that table, my mom revealed the list of potential names for my new baby brother. Manner lessons given at meal times consisted of shouts of "elbows off the table" and "stop kicking your sister", which echoed over the commotion of meals. My family and I spent dinner time bonding, finding out about each other's days, and spending a few moments together as a family before we were tucked into bed. Meals show a common tie that bonds us all; everyone eats and can relate to the experience. Many novels use this bond to portray a theme in the plot. Gathering around a table and sharing a meal can lead ...view middle of the document...

Firoozeh Dumas, the narrator and main character in Funny in Farsi, has a traditional Iranian wedding dinner. “The meal consisted of the traditional sweet carrot rice with almonds, saffron, and chicken; lima-bean rice with lamb shanks; eggplant stew; herb stew; stuffed grape leaves; and cucumber, tomato, and herb salad." (Dumas, 229). This meal in the story was used to show ancient culture, ties to tradition, and the sharp differences in western culture and Iranian culture. Firoozeh's aunt came into the wedding reception throwing plastic gold coins reminiscent of those thrown at weddings in ancient Persia, showing a both an Iranian tradition and the clear ties that the family has to ancient culture. The practice of slaughtering a lamb during big events in people's lives demonstrates a clear tie back to her family in Iran. She would have to get in touch with someone back home and ask them to slaughter a lamb in her honor, thousands of miles away. All of these traditions contrast her French Catholic husband and previous Catholic marriage ceremony. The wedding dinner also brought the family together. Distant relatives and friends all gathered around a meal to celebrate the marriage of Firoozeh and François. The food scene in Funny in Farsi, sheds light on family traditions while in other novels it can

A lunch time meal in To Kill a Mockingbird between the narrator Scout and Walter Cunningham leads to life lessons for Scout. The Finch family sits down to have a lunch of meat, vegetables and a glass and milk. Walter asks for molasses and pours it over his meal....

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