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Gatsby, A Great Man? Essay

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Who can be considered as a great person? Different people may have different opinions on this question. A lot of literary works try to describe “great”. However, until now, it still does not have an official definition of “great man”. The novel The Great Gatsby by famous author F.Scott Fitzgerald describes an idealist—Gatsby’s whole life. Although F.Scott Fitzgerald names the novel--The Great Gatsby, great people would never only consider their world views, have unrealistic thoughts, ignore laws like the idealist Gatsby does.
It is obvious that as an idealist, Gatsby is too unrealistic. However, sometimes people should be very objective in order to solve problems efficiently such as commercial transactions. As for Gatsby, he always be unrealistic after the afternoon tea with Daisy. He acts like a child. He cannot wait to show how wealthy he is by showing Daisy his expensive clothes and his big house. During this period, he loses his temperament and thinks in an unrealistic way. For example, Gatsby asks Daisy to leave her husband. Therefore, it is clear that his idealism is his most deadly flaw. Gatsby believes Daisy will love him forever, even though she has a husband and a child. In other words, Gatsby lives in his perfect world instead of the real world. At the beginning of their love, Gatsby is led by his emotion and neglect his status and Daisy's. This event does foreshadow their tragic love. As the quote, “It amazed him--he had never been in such a magnificent house before. But what gave it an air of breathless intensity, was that Daisy lived there--it was as casual a thing to her as his tent out at camp was to him” (F.Scott Fitzgerald 134). Daisy is everything Gatsby wants to be and to be with. In other words, she represents the life, the social status, the social acceptance and everything he pursues. She is Gatsby's dream. However, as an idealist, Gatsby does not realize that some dream cannot never achieve. He follows his emotion and uses lies to capture Daisy's heart. Gatsby sticks in his unrealistic dream, and throws himself into the dream which will destroy his entire life. Hence, all his behaviors prove that he is not a great person.
What's more, in daily life, some great people have plans to promote themselves to move on. Gatsby also has a plan—he creates a schedule for himself when he is a child. Since, Gatsby is poor and he is not contented with things as they are. He works out the schedule in studies in order to change the environment of his family. Gatsby's schedule is almost the same as the way that Benjamin Franklin writes in his autobiography. He asks himself to stick to doing things write in his schedule. However, after Gatsby makes a lot of money, he does not admit that he is born in a poor family. He leaves his hometown and makes his identity become mysterious. He holds elaborate parties every weekend at his mansion. The party is unbelievably luxurious and “looks like the World Fair”(35). He makes friends with people who...

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