Gatsby And Daisy, Tom And Myrtle, And George And Gatsby’s Relationships In Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby

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After Gatsby, Daisy, and Tom leave Tom’s house along with Nick and Jordan, they end up going to a suite at the Plaza Hotel in New York City (Fitzgerald 178). Tom starts arguing with Gatsby about Gatsby’s bad habit of calling everyone “old sport.” This leads to him accusing Gatsby of lying about Gatsby actually attending Oxford. Gatsby gives him permission to ask him any question he would like after he informs Tom that he went to Oxford for five months because he was in an army program. Tom, angry about Gatsby’s reaction, asks him about his feelings for Daisy. He then tells Tom that Daisy loves him and that she never really loved Tom. Tom throws up Gatsby bootlegging in Gatsby’s face. When ...view middle of the document...

When Tom drove by that afternoon and seen Myrtle for the last time, he was driving Gatsby’s car. This led Myrtle to believe that Tom was in Gatsby’s car when Daisy drove it home. That is why Myrtle ran out in front of the car so she could stop Tom. Not at all did she know Daisy was driving.
At Tom’s house, Gatsby is still in the bushes. He tells Nick he is making sure that Tom does not hurt daisy. He explains that Daisy was driving but if it came down to it, he would take the blame. Nick goes check on Daisy for Tom, only to find the two eating and talking. Nick then leaves and heads home for a sleepless night.
When Nick awakens the next morning, he heads out to Gatsby’s mansion. He finds out that Gatsby waited on Daisy for a long period and she never came back out the night before (Fitzgerald 213). Gatsby’s gardener asks him would he like him to drain the pool. He had not swum in it not once all summer so he denies the gardeners question. Nick became late for work so he told Gatsby goodbye and headed out. Nick did not accept Gatsby from the beginning of the chapter to the end of the book. However, he tells him as his last words that: "You're worth more than the whole damn bunch put together" (Aitkenhead).
George Wilson, Myrtle’s husband, started talking to Michaelis about what happened the night before Myrtle died. He had confronted her about her lover. After a car struck Myrtle, he began assuming that whoever struck her must have been Myrtle’s lover (Fitzgerald 220-221). He then sat out to seek revenge. Daisy eventually led Tom to think that Gatsby was the one to run over Myrtle. In addition, Tom allows Myrtle’s husband to know (Sutton, Explicator). After realizing that Tom could not have been the one that ran over Myrtle, he drives to Gatsby’s house. There he found Gatsby swimming in his pool for the first time ever. He pulled out his gun and pulled the trigger on Gatsby. When he noticed he had shot him, he then shoots himself.
Nick eventually ends up heading back to Gatsby’s house, only to find Gatsby’s dead body floating in his pool. Gatsby ends up dying in the end because he would not let go of maintaining his dream (Fitzgerald 231). He knew that Wilson wanted him dead and instead of running away, he decided to stay because he would rather die than come to the fact that he could not achieve his dream (Pidgeon). Nick...

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