Gatsby And The Broken American Dream

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The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald is a story of many points. It is a tale of love, a tale of sadness, murder and hate and a tale of the rich. This story symbolizes many things from the parties of the Roaring Twenties to the love that Gatsby has for Daisy. One question that I think many readers have is why did it end so sadly for Gatsby? Why isn’t it a perfect tale of the love between Gatsby and Daisy? I think a lot of this has to do with Gatsby’s character and his beliefs. Gatsby wasn’t a man of pure intentions. His past haunts him and this is why he doesn’t get what he thinks he should have. He misinterprets the American dream. When Jay Gatsby first meets Daisy he is a poor man in the army. He is proud that he met a rich girl who liked him even as he was hidden behind his uniform. Gatsby makes a promise to himself to self-improve, to become a man that is worthy of Daisy, but he goes about it all wrong.
Jay Gatsby formally known as James Gatz was born to poor farmers. He left by boat one day and met a man named Dan Cody whom he then worked for on his yacht. Upon the death of Cody, Gatsby became an officer and met Daisy at a camp. After meeting Daisy he planned to become rich and also to make it seem like he had always been rich. He decided he will do whatever it takes to become rich, even if it is illegal. After making his fortune Gatsby throws lavish parties that display his wealth in hopes to attract Daisy who lives just across the bay. When Gatsby finally meets Daisy again after 5 years he expects them to be together. He asks for Daisy to tell Tom that she never loved him and she wanted to be with Gatsby, which she reluctantly does but admits that she really did love Tom when he tells some of Gatsby’s past.
Fitzgerald uses Gatsby’s plans to gain Daisy’s love as an example of the failing social goals during this time. He shows that people were becoming more and more greedy. The author portrays this by the outcome of the story. Gatsby, who is greedy, and hunting love in all of the wrong ways is murdered. This symbolizes that greed, crime and lies will kill you. Fitzgerald also portrays this with the other characters in the story as...

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