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Daisy had choices to make in the beginning to be with Gatsby, but they were narrowing to be with Tom when Gatsby left and she never heard from him. Gatsby and Tom share more features than what we actually see through their interactions. There are small pieces of themselves that they change and then it turns them into two completely different people, or so we think. Both had met each other, both had a love for Daisy, but it’s just the miner things that make them the same, and completely different. Why does Daisy go for Tom in the first place when she could have waited for Gatsby? Why didn’t Gatsby go after her in a more noticeable way? Nick says Tom has been cocky ever since he has known him and this could be why he is “displeased” with Daisy and why he cheats on her.
One difference is that Daisy never had the feeling that Gatsby could be dead and gone forever. In the dispute between Gatsby and Tom, Tom says “She didn’t know you were ...view middle of the document...

You also have someone who has taken you in, and even though Tom has an exceedingly sketchy history, he loves her.
Daisy in the beginning of the argument says “I did love him once-but I love you too” to Gatsby. The tension between Tom and Gatsby, two men with more money than they can handle fighting over the love of Daisy, in which Daisy doesn’t even know what love she has for both of these men. While the bickering continues, Daisy looks towards Jordan and Nick because she is confused. Gatsby was thought to be dead and gone, but he treats Daisy with respect. Gatsby uses the fact that they haven’t seen each other in years to go after her and recalls on old love that Gatsby and Daisy had. At this point Gatsby doesn’t know that maybe that love died. Gatsby was in a lost effort for Daisy up until Daisy started spending all that time with Gatsby behind Tom’s back.
With new relationships with Daisy Gatsby thinks she will get rid of this cheating man she calls a husband. On the other hand, Tom keeps using all the times where love was shown against Gatsby. Tom is able to keep the argument alive because he knows that Gatsby’s love has not been around for as long as his. Tom’s love wasn’t older than Gatsby’s and it also was longer. Tom gave more times to make himself look unfit for Daisy, while Gatsby, in Daisy’s eyes, is rich, nice, faithful, and all around a better person.
Tom has a reputation against him that Gatsby doesn’t. Gatsby was poor and was unseen up until he started earning his wealth. Tom on the other hand had a way about him that made him look overly aggressive and to confident. “There was a touch of paternal contempt in it, even toward people he liked-and there were men at New Haven who hated his guts.” This shows the past Tom has had. Tom is selfish, which we find out soon when he sneaks around Daisy with other women.
Gatsby’s past gives him the upper hand when competing for Daisy. He was born poor and worked hard while being in the right place at the right times to get to be where he is. Gatsby also has a past of being very generous, so with Tom’s increasing selfish acts, Gatsby’s selfless ones stick out to Daisy even more. Some of his actions may not seem so nice, but waited against Tom, it feels like it.

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