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Gatsby Essay

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The roaring twenties was a time for happiness and celebration, but the novel, The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald, shows a different side of this dynamic decade. Fitzgerald uses a poignant, yet hopeful tone to show the shadier side of the nineteen twenties most refuse to look at, while tying in the brighter side. In The Great Gatsby, the reader is sucked into a story of corruption, and empowerment by the rich hidden by extravagant parties and bright colors. Jay Gatsby, who only dreamt of wealth and love had an ideal dream life, that ideal life could be defined as his “American Dream”. His dreams were later crushed by very powerful people, careless people, people who used and abused ...view middle of the document...

He had been full of the idea so long, dreamed it right through to the end, waited with his teeth set, so to speak, at an inconceivable pitch of intensity.” (Page 97). Gatsby dreamed this day would come. The day he would finally see his beloved Daisy, again, after all these years. He never lost that idea, even after he came back from war and found her to be married to Tom Buchanan. Gatsby loved Daisy and was optimistic about her still loving him too. “You never loved him.” (Page 139). Gatsby shows his optimism about he and Daisy, and their “undying love.” He believes telling her that she never loved the man she was married to would make it so. This detail of Gatsby telling Daisy that she never loved Tom, shows how his American Dream was for Daisy to have always loved him and never Tom. ”You’d better come home and get some sleep.” He shook his head. “I want to wait here till Daisy goes to bed. Good night, old sport.” He put his hand in his coat pockets and turned back eagerly to his scrutiny of the house, as though my presence marred the sacredness of the vigil. So I walked away and left him standing there in the moonlight--watching over nothing.” (Page 153). Gatsby wants to stay at the Buchanan’s house, in eagerness that Daisy will come out of the house, and see him, run away with him, and do something romantic that involves the two of them wrapped up in forever love, but the reader can see that no such thing will happen. Gatsby is hanging back for false hopes and crushed dreams. This scene shows, no matter what, Gatsby still hopes to live happily ever after, with his beloved Daisy, who, no longer feels the same. He is optimistic about their love even after she admitted that she loved her husband. She loved the excitement Gatsby brought, the lust. There was no love, not like Gatsby had wished. Maybe there was love, once, five years ago, but that has faded and she will always and forever choose her husband, if not for love, but for the money, for Daisy is a careless person, and only cares for herself. Gatsby still hopes for the best, even though the reader can see by now that there will be no Daisy and Gatsby. Throughout all of Gatsby’s aspirations, he holds on to the dream that is Daisy. Everything he’s ever done is for Daisy, she is his “American Dream,’ but sometimes dreams don’t always come true, and things don’t work out the way people wished they would. No matter how ambitious everyone is, life never seems to fail in darkening our lives and drowning us in sorrow.

Daisy and Tom are not only a powerful couple, but are rather careless as well. “We’re getting off,” he insisted, “I want you to meet my girl!” (Page 28). Tom openly cheats, because he believes he deserves to have fun. He’s from money, he has power, he can do whatever he wants, no matter the repercussions. He does not care that he is causing George Wilson, his mistress's husband, pain and sorrow, by stealing her affection. Tom’s not a very nice man and he is careless, like Daisy....

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