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In the novel the Great Gatsby the author F. Scott Fitzgerald depicts different kinds of relationships between males and females. These relationships are formed between married and non-married characters. There are characters that are married but besides being married, they sustain an extramarital relationship. All these relationships are very controversial and they create interesting conflicts that later in the novel affect in someway the other characters. The author uses all these relationships in the novel to make the plot more interesting and realistic. He also tries to reveal a message regarding the insecurity among couples and the depth these relationships have.In the novel there are relationships between married couples, which do not set a great example of marriage. Tom and Daisy are married and they have a daughter. Their relationship has a certain depth because there is a child involved. However, they are married but they don’t act in a proper way. Tom disrespects his wife by not being faithful to her, by not dedicating sufficient quality time to her and by talking to her with an awful attitude. “I hate that word hulking,” objected Tom crossly, “even in kidding” (Fitzgerald 16). Tom talked to Daisy with a bad attitude in front of Jordan and Nick. George and Myrtle are also married even though Myrtle has an affair with Tom this shows how she disrespects her husband. Her husband is a hard working man, but he is not wealthy enough to satisfy all her needs, which is why she sustains a relationship with Tom. Myrtle abuses her husband’s confidence and she thinks he is stupid, she doesn’t really care how George might feel. The only depth their relationship has is that they are legally married but afterwards, they live separate lives. These married couples are a poor example of marriage; they don’t value their relationship because they are insecure.As well as relationships of married couples, there are also relationships that do not involve marriage. Even though Tom is married, he has an extramarital relationship with Myrtle, George’s wife. “There is always a halt of at least a minute and it was because of this that I first met Tom Buchanan’s mistress” (Fitzgerald 28). This clearly shows that Tom has a mistress and that every time he goes to New York City, he picks her up. Even though they are not married they share an apartment in the city and they have social gatherings. This does not mean their relationship has depth because their relation is only to satisfy Tom’s desires and Myrtle’s need for...

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