Gatsby Project( Just A Short Summary Of Like Chacters, And Talks About Setting, And Climax And Such)

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Character ListJay Gatsby (James Gatz) - In the beginning of the novel Gatsby is a mysterious man, whose wealth and fame are a mystery. He is surrounded in luxuries having lavishing parties. As more is learned this mysterious man the more his true personality comes out, a lovesick naïve young man. Gatsby character his created by himself, as to create the image of wealth as to impress Daisy.Nick Carraway - The narrator of the story, Nick is honest and responsible. This is best expressed in beginning when Nick describes himself, "I'm inclined to reserve all judgment, a habit that has opened up many curious natures to me" (5). Nick is from the Minnesota and has travel to New York to learn the bond business. Unlike those in West Egg Nick comes from a respected and privileged background.Daisy Fay Buchanan - Daisy is Nick's cousin, Tom's wife, and the women Gatsby loves. She is part of the social elite and material luxury. Her charm, wealth, and beauty are what attract Gatsby to her to the point where he is obsessed about her. She is a careless woman who uses he timid behavior as excuse for her actions, from which she will often hide from with wealth. Daisy represents all that Gatsby desires and his dreams of success.Tom Buchanan - Tom is the husband of Daisy. A bulky man, often described as a bully he is racist and sexist. Tom also has a fascination in the end of society and civilization. During the two meals he mentions of book " The Rise of the Cloured Empires" and the sun engulfing the earth. Tom morals standard for those around him he doesn't live up to. He has no problem with his affair, but is outraged when he suspects of Daisy's affair.Jordan Baker - Jordan is a good friend of Daisy's and shares similar traits. She is a "new women" of the 1920s who is dishonest, and self-centered. Though its is these traits thatinterest Nick in her and they become romantically involved. She is a professional golfer and is beautiful like Daisy.SettingThe Great Gatsby takes place during the early 1920s. It takes place on the East Coast in the area of outside New York City. Geography is import role. Those that live in East Egg have been brought up with money where as West Egg it is an area of newly acquired money, there people live lavish life style were they try to impress people with there wealth. The Valley of Ash represents the moral decay of America. New York is s symbol for the quest for money and wealth. As well the general area of West and Midwest are portrayed as the traditional social values of American society where as the East is represents the moral down fall and lose of traditional social...

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