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Gattaca Challenges The Wisdom Of Allowing Genetic Potential, Measured By Birth, To Decide The Future Of An Individual. Discuss.

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In the motion picture Gattaca directed by Andrew Niccol questions the ability of allowing genetic potential, calculated by birth, to establish the fate of an individual. The determination of a person’s destiny proved impossible and preposterous as mankind were defined by their capability to make decisions on their own concerning their future. The film exhibits the problems in a genetically engineered society. Development of science technologies has advanced exceedingly to the extent where immediately after birth an infant’s destiny can be identified just by taking a blood sample. This gives a glimpse at the person’s future and the opportunity to discriminate: ‘…no longer determined by social status or the colour of your skin. We now have discrimination down to a science’. Society in Gattaca was divided into two classes valids and in-valids.

‘Gattaca is a story of triumph of the human spirit and triumph of the will’. Since birth, Vincent was disadvantaged with an invalid identity that deemed him unworthy of his father’s name. According to his DNA profile, Vincent will have a life void of any success. The belief that it is purely DNA that distinguishes a human being meant Vincent had unquestionably no chance in achieving his lifelong dream of space travel. Even Vincent’s biological family reiterated him of his incompetence to succeed: ‘Let’s be realistic… the only way you would see the inside of a spaceship is if you were cleaning it…’. Because of the capability of genetic perfection to intervene with his future, Vincent’s in-valid identity was unavoidable: ‘my real resume was in my cells’. However, Vincent did not allow his DNA that labeled him as an‘ invalid’ to define his future. Through his deep commitment in achieving his lifelong aspiration of space travel, Vincent exceeds his potential.

Gattaca displayed through its characters, that creating a flawless society through the science of genetic perfection was impossible. Irene’s capacity had been measured at birth to reveal an ‘acceptable likelihood of heart failure’. Valids like Irene whom was ‘daunted by limitations’ and depended solely on the accuracy of their profile, to them, achieving any sort of aspiration was impossible due to her belief that she could not. However, Vincent was the exact opposite. He was prepared to accept the...

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