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In the movies, Gattaca, director Andrew Niccol portrays a genetically based society in a scientifically advance world that twirls around the main idea and concept about genetic engineering to produce flawless genetics for a parent’s child. This main focus is shown upon Anton and his brother Vincent. Vincent, being the first born between Anton and him, gave the doctors an idea of what is going to happen in the future for Vincent based off of genetics and also gives parents the opportunity to make a flawless child base off of Vincent’s DNA as this society wants only genetically perfect humans to be superior. Children such as Vincent, being the first born, are set up for a life of disaster and ...view middle of the document...

Another bad prospective for genetic alteration is if fixing an organ inside of a body were to go bad and mix up a side effect, “known to have "pleiotropic" (i.e., affecting several systems)” (The Hazards…) could obviously lead to a dangerous affect upon the body. Affecting several systems inside of the body, may even lead to death as these cells are already within the body and if the body can’t fight it off organ systems may fail, causing death. If not death does not occur, the effects can still be life-threatening as organs have been damaged by such experiments “produced morphological or neurological aberrations, or increased risks of cancer, are preferable to the options of abortion”.(The Hazards…) As an alteration of the human body thru the use of genetic alteration can cause mutation and affect the “biology of the developing individual” (The Hazards) that is unpredictable.
Being that it is unpredictable, it seems a lot more scarier if one of the restricted areas of the DNA were to be cut open doing the lab and put back into the body with no idea of an open restricted area meaning it might lead to mutation if it did DNA replication, transcription, and translation making it create a foreign amino acid chain meaning a mutation. Also, in inbreeding, such as dogs mate with other same type of dog ensures the unique “certain set of characteristics” (Miller, Levine, Levine, and Levine 320) of the dog, there is some...

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1056 words - 4 pages occupies the identity of a superior one in order to pursue his lifelong dream of space travel. With the intelligent placement of cinematic techniques Niccol's displays in the film, it becomes clear to the viewer that Vincent is the hero of Gattaca because he !4GATTACA ESSAY overcame the adversity and challenges faced, his relationships with other characters assisted him in becoming a hero, additionally, his devoted approach to achieve his

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565 words - 2 pages name is Gattaca, watching the rocket launches while he should be cleaning toilets.His luck is turned around by a thorough scheme of genetic artifice. In fact, he buys someone else's genetic identity in the black-market. Then he eventually let himself working at Gattaca again, but this time as mission specialist; prepare for a mission to Titan. Unfortunately, he can't keep this job for forever and Vincent gets into trouble when his old identity

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1128 words - 5 pages disrupting the nature and causing heavy pollution. GATTACA (1997) is a science fiction movie where one’s capabilities are determined by their genes since birth. Vincent Freeman is displayed as the main character where he needs to overcome his weaknesses through hard work and consistent determination to achieve his goals at Gattaca Space Academy. Alterations of genetics play a major role in the movie where only ones with flawless genes can achieve their

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