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The Gattaca
How has the society viewed the development of genetically engineered individuals? “Gattaca”, a movie directed by Andrew Niccol, demonstrates how a genetically engineered individual influences the world differently from normal humans with the help of genetically modified powers. This text suggests through the conflict between genetically modified and normal humans that discrimination, human flaws and confrontations of identity between groups create a gap in society that reinforces differences in class.
To begin with, the society in Gattaca is rich with discrimination. In the movie, individuals are discriminated against on the basis on the basis of their genetic code. The movie also shows that discrimination against gender and race no longer exist. While genetically engineered individuals are treated as superior, those born by natural means are treated as inferior, second class citizens. The main character, Vincent, was born naturally; this caused him to be genetically inferior or in-valid. Vincent has a dream of becoming an astronaut but it would be impossible for him to take on this career because his genetics are considered second-rate. The film is a reflection of discrimination in the work environment, and the things you need to do in order to gain access to the career you want. Therefore, it is clearly evident that discrimination within Gattaca has caused a gap in society.
Next, the society within Gattaca is obsessed with the removal of human flaws. For this reason the society believes, altering an individual’s gene to eliminate disease and illness and promote strength, beauty and intelligence. Despite the attempts to remove imperfections, the ‘valid’ are deeply flawed characters. This is evident when Jerome is seen through...

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