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Assess The Contribution Of Christianity In Australia Towards Reconciliation, In The Past 25 Years

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Assess the contribution of Christianity in Australia towards Reconciliation, in the past 25 yearsReconciliation refers to the Indigenous and Non-Indigenous people of Australia. It is a process of recognizing the differences in society between indigenous and non-indigenous Australians and attempting to repair the damage between the 2 societies within Australia. It is a goal and a process together trying to be achieved within Australian society. The history of Aboriginal Australians is long and conflicting containing examples of dispossession, stolen generation, loss of kinship and connection to land. The process of reconciliation is aiming to heal the wrong doings of the past and as Kevin Rudd said in his sorry speech in 2008 "there comes a time in the history of nations when their peoples must become fully reconciled to their past if they are to go forward with confidence to embrace their future". It includes the search for justice and forgiveness of Aboriginals towards Non-Indigenous Australians and allows them to have the knowledge that they have been acknowledged and we have shown we know our wrong doings. "The resolve of these issue will have a bearing on our worldwide standing" as said by Paul Keating in 1992. It applies to everyone in Australia. It will result in better relationships and partnerships of indigenous and non-indigenous Australians bringing about respect which essential for the people of Australia.Christianity has been the dominant religion in Australia since our federation day in 1901. When the process of reconciliation started and the immigrants came from overseas after WW1 and WW2, we were considered to live in a society of multi-faith, multiethnic and multiracial. The Christian church has a large impact on the education, laws and government in Australia. The acknowledgment of our multicultural society has led to ecumenism and interfaith dialogue among the various churches and religions within Australia. Interfaith dialogue is when different faiths talk to each other on an organisational level, coming together to form a single Christian church to collaborate together towards social justice issues and other topics within Australia. The National Council of Churches in Australia (NCCA) was formed on the basis of interfaith dialogue and ecumenism. Ecumenism relates to the different aspects of Christianity coming together to discuss similarities and differences of organisation and belief. "Organised attempt to bring about the cooperation and unity of all believers in Christ"Anglican and Catholic denominations of the Christian faith have both made significant contributions to the process of Reconciliation within Australia. The Anglican Reconciliation working group formed by Anglicare in 1999 and supported by NATSIAC and the Anglican board of mission (ABM) are deeply invested in the process of reconciliation. They have composed a response to the draft Declaration for Reconciliation. This was then sent this off to all Anglican...

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