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Gavroche Essay

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GavrocheGavroche might no be the protagonist of this novel, but nevertheless, his presence through the plot is essential for many reasons.At the begging when we meet Gavroche it appears to the reader that he is just a simple character who would not have much transcendence in the novel, the only thing that he was suppose to do was to tell Marius where Cosette lived.The novel continues and Gavroche reappears in the novel with a more important role in the plot. Gavroche is shown as a little boy who fights alone to survive because he has no family, he lives in a monument in a shape of an elephant and sometimes he has to steal things to sell them so he has something to eat.Poor is a characteristic of this character but he is poor only in the aspects money because he a person who has a big heart who is always willing to give away what he has to others.For example he stole some soaps and buys the little children who he adopted a loaf of bread, he helps criminals to escape form their problems but afterwards he steals their money but not for him but to give that money to the ones who are worst than he is and gives them money. He gives away a coat to a woman when he saw that she was cold.Gavroche is the character where Victor Hugo shows the technique of character development, at the beginning when he is shown he is a simple character but he grows as an person with courage and most of all intelligence with his convicts well settle he demonstrates a great patriotism that could not even be compared by any other members of the barricade even though Hugo does not talk about Gavroche as an individual character. Gavroche is shown as a character that went form being the little boy form the street to the boy who's actions and speeches give a lot to think about. Although Victor Hugo does not make much reference to Gavroche as an individual character he is the type of person who is always found as one of a kind.Gavroche represents many symbols but the strongest ones are, a social and a spiritual symbol.He is a very strong social symbol, a tragedy that has always existed through society is the division among families, a family is based on love and all its happiness is focused around this feeling, ironically this feeling was always absent in the Thenardiers family, that reason made the Thenardier family come to destruction put much worst is that this event was going on under pressure of poverty. The suffering in the streets, which society has never given the help nor...

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