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Gay Adoptions Essay

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There are basically two types of adoption agencies: Public agencies that are usually supported by public funding and are run by the state and Private agencies that are licensed by the state, but run privately (Reference 99). Regardless of the type of agency, the state has some say in their operations, and if the state has a ban of gay adoptions, then the agencies will have to abide. In 1977, Florida passed a civil rights ordinance making sexual orientation discrimination illegal in Dade County. In response to the ordinance’s creation, a campaign themed “Save Our Children was created and led by the singer of the hit “Paper Roses” and former Miss Oklahoma beauty pageant winner, Anita Bryant. The campaign, whose members were mainly Christians, used biblical principles as their foundation and driving force towards the fight against homosexuality. They were successfully able to link homosexuality to the recruitment of children and child molestation, and with enough supporters they were able to gather enough votes to overturn the ordinance. (REF to be) In the same year, Florida officially passed a law that prohibited any homosexual person from adopting a child, and In that law the term “homosexual” was clearly defined as any individual “known to engage in current, voluntary homosexual activity,” hence drawing a distinction between homosexual orientation which describes a person attracted to another person of the same sex and homosexual activity which is looked at as a sinful act against both body and God. (REF Erick). Consequently, Florida’s adoption law allows unmarried people to adopt, many of which had do so through the foster care system. Coincidentally, the adoption law does not prohibit homosexuals from playing the role as foster parents, but it does prevent them from adopting the children they foster. (REF pdf with list)
“Foster care is a temporary living arrangement for abused, neglected, and dependent children who need a safe place to live when their parents or another relative cannot take care of them. Often their families face issues such as illness, alcohol or drug addiction, or homelessness.” ( (FACT ABOUT FOSTER CARE RATES) The United States on a whole does not place children with certain illnesses like HIV/AIDS on the lists of adoptable children; thus the only option for such a child would be foster care. The foster care system in Florida has been flooded with children, and it has been an avenue for homosexual couples and individuals who wish to have the wonderful experience that comes with having a child in their lives. (REF) As such, homosexuals are left to fanaticize, and bond with children, who is most cases are special needs children, especially those who are terminally ill. Was this the state’s way of strategically placing the “sick” with the sick?
“So long as we have enough people in this country willing to fight for their rights, we'll be called a democracy.” Is a quote by...

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