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Gay Love And Marriage Is Natural

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There are many ways to describe marriage. There are legal definitions, biblical definitions, and personal definitions. Which one is the right definition? The decision of which definition is the right one depends on where you live and what you believe. Marriage has evolved throughout history. In today’s society there are many different types of unions that can be viewed as marriages. Comparing these different relationships give insight to how relationships are formed and joined. Although marriage is just a civil union in the eyes of the government, it is so much more to the people involved.
I feel that there is a rite of passage when forming a marriage. It is not just to form a union so that the government can give you benefits. It is a gift. I believe it is a gift from God when you find that person that makes your life better. Even if a person doesn’t believe in a higher power like Christianity does, a person’s natural instinct is to love and to be loved. It is normal that being loved makes a person feel good and become more secure. A marriage is supposed to have the foundation of love. Life is about sharing your pain, pleasure, and experiences together as a husband and wife. Even though I might believe in a traditional marriage, a relationship is still about giving and receiving love.
The biblical point of view is what I base my opinion on. “Marriage as God ordained it is to be intimate and unified in all aspects: spiritual, physical, financial, emotional, intellectual, and personal” (A Biblical Perspective of Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage). God determined that one man and one woman would be joined together to create one flesh. The biblical point of view gives marriage meaning. Without this meaning marriage would just be a human creation and a social institution (A Biblical Perspective of Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage).
In America today there are several forms of marriage. The most accepted is a living arrangement that is supported through a legal contract of two people of the opposite sex. This describes a heterosexual monogamous marriage. Polygamous marriage would include more than one wife or husband at the same time. A marriage that is not contracted with a legal binding is a common law marriage. Gay marriages are also a part of today’s American society. Gay marriages are two people of the same-sex joining in civil union (Messerli).
Monogamy is the state of having only one sexual partner at a time. “Monogamy is the only legal type of marriage permitted in the United States” (Definition of Marriage - Types Of Marriage). The Christian faith endorses faithful heterosexual monogamous marriages as the only acceptable form of sexuality. Marriage today is more difficult because society supports individualism (Williams-Hogan). Marriage requires considering the other partner over oneself. It becomes an agreement of love more than just an economic legal contract. A major reason for a monogamous marriage is a structured family unit for...

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