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Describe what you are recording about. Identify whether it was a journal paper, book chapter; practice observation; taught theory; lecture or other.

In an interview with Peter who is employed as youth worker in the youth ministry of his church. (Peter has asked that he and his youth club remain anonymous as he has given his personal thoughts and feeling)
I asked Peter as a youth worker if he and his church would be a welcoming place for a young person who identifies as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender. (I am going to use the abbreviation of LGB&T throughout this journal) Peter stated that homosexuality goes against his own personal values and beliefs and also the beliefs of his church. That his church preaches homosexuality is a sin, that God created Adam and Eve and that a sexual experience should be between and man and a woman.
He felt that if a young person identified as LGB&T that he personally could not work with them as their sexual orientation would be contradictory to his faith and teaching of the church. He stated that if a young person chooses to be LGBT that they have also chosen to turn their back on Christianity and that a faith based youth setting was not the right place for them.

What was the main message? What did I understand was being said by the author; lecturer; practitioner etc… What argument was used to support their position?

The main message I was getting from Peter was that his personal values and beliefs were more important that his professional youth work values and principles. By selecting which young people he can work with and who are welcomed into his youth setting. That he personally felt faith based youth work was not the right environment for young people who identify as having a sexual orientation other than heterosexual.
The other point that I picked up from the conversation is that Peter believes people choose to be LGB&T and if they do they also cannot have a faith, they have turned their backs on God.
Critical Thinking
What is my evaluation of what was being presented / observed? What evidence do I have that either supports or contradicts the above?
(Refer to own experience; broader reading etc...)

Peter being selective about whom he works with and who can access the youth club is not being inclusive to all young people. Youth work is about working with a young person and were they are at now and one of the core principles of youth work is ‘promoting acceptance and understanding of others’. This should mean that young work should be inclusive to all young people regardless of their personal and social background or identity, not exclusive or selective.
Working with young people some youth workers may come across young people who differ from their own cultural...

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