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Gay And Lesbian Adoption: Homosexual Parents Are Just As Qualified As Heterosexual Couples

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134,000 children are waiting to be adopted, to have what the average child has, a family. In March 2007, there were 65,000 children adopted and being raised by
homosexual parents in the United States (Gandossy, 2007). Equally important, more than 14,100 foster children are in loving homes with gay or lesbian couples (The Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute, 2007). There is an alarming rate of how many children are in need of parents in the United States, to where parenting should not be defined by sexuality, but instead determined by if he/she is fit to be a parent and if they should be allowed to adopt. So why not let homosexual couples adopt? We must remember the estimated millions of children that are in the child welfare system. The Child Welfare League of America (CWLA) adds that homosexuals are just as appropriate to raise children and have families as any heterosexuals (CWLA, 2009). The American Academy of Pediatrics claims that children with homosexual parents have the same opportunities and the same abilities for health, adjustments, and development as children who have heterosexual parents (The Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institue.2002). “This is not an issue about gays”, Ohio House Speaker Jon Husted reports, who was adopted as a child. “This is about children” (The FirstPost, 2008). Homosexual parents have proven their qualifications for being foster parents just as well as a straight couple.

America is often looked at as a ‘Christian country’ (The FirstPost, 2009), although all don’t go to church, values remain based on Christian background, two parents are axiomatic- “honour thy father and mother,” revokes the Fifth Amendment- according to The FirstPost. A mother and father may be traditional, but what is a perfect family? In 2005-2006, 1.5 million children were without a home, 42% of those children were under six years of age. Many children deal with these emotional states by engaging in either aggressive or withdrawn behavior, truancy, hyperactivity, dependent behaviors, or underachievement, may become pronounced throughout the child’s life (Portner, 2006). 1.16 million homeless children will not graduate from high school, becoming uneducated and therefore unable to benefit themselves when they reach adulthood. Those who disagree with my position oppose that if a child isn’t exposed to a mother/father relationship, he or she will know no other way, and chose themselves to be homosexual. With these choices, they’re stopping natural selection and reproduction. Whether a child is straight, gay, tall, short, heavy, or thin, a child is a child, without a path to follow on; they will just be another number to add to this staggering statistic.

The National Adoption Center believes that each and every child deserves a stable and permanent home with a loving and nurturing family. The National Adoption Center also has a...

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